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Have you signed an organ donor card?

Asked by cdwccrn (3600points) October 23rd, 2008 from iPhone

Why take your organs to heaven. Heaven knows we need them here.

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I’m kind of afraid that they’re more likely to not try so hard to save me if they see that I have good organs in me that they could harvest.

I’m still considering it.

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They’re sticking with me for the time being.

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I asked the same question in late June -Organs

it is worth reasking to find out what the newcomers have done. Lots of states (in US) make it easy by putting the info on one’s driver’s license.

^^You guys have seen too many horror movies..

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Yes, I’m afraid my lifestyle makes me a bag of useless meat though :) GRIN

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I don’t (I used to, don’t ask why I changed it. I don’t remember.), but barring some catastrophically horrid event where all of my family were to perish along with me, they know my wishes and will donate any and everything that can be salvaged. What good are the organs to me when I’m ashes? Why not give them to someone who could use them (including skin and eyes, I know. Gross. But I’m dead.)

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I agree with Les. My basic idea is “suck out/cut off what you need and burn the rest.” It saves people’s lives and it’s efficient. :)

So, yes, I am an organ donor. I don’t have a special card, but I have a little heart on my driver’s license.

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that is a powerful, life-giving little heart:).

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I’m even more proud of that than the actual license, which I only got this summer.

(btw, lurve for tugging on my heart strings with that statement)

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I’m an organ donor, and have been ever since I got my license many years ago. Even if you have the card/license designation, it’s a good idea to tell your family of your wishes. Family present at the hospital can (in some cases) over-ride your organ donor status. Tell everyone, and make it clear that you’ll come back and haunt them if they don’t follow through!

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Great reminder, augustlan. You are absolutely right. Families survive, must live with the reality of death, and can sue the hospital. Hence, they
trump the tiny, life-giving heart.

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i do expect to haunt ppl after I’m gone tho. Even with missing parts.

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