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Who wants to have chicken alfredo with me at three in the morning?

Asked by MicaDirtCat (307points) October 24th, 2008

Does anyone else get their second wind so late and desire a complicated meals, good conversation, and to do the cleaning they put off? Annoting thing I always get extremely tired at about nine, soldier through it and am up all night.

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I just ate Pop Tarts, and it’s almost 4AM here. I’m wide awake. Dammit.

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I fucking love chicken alfredo. I’m down if you’re cooking.

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Ah! Now I want chicken alfredo. Boo. Good job, Mica.

It seems we’re in the same time zone. We can’t be too far off, right?

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I’m drinking PBR and I had a spicy chicken sandwich about an hour ago. Close enough.

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@Shading: Sorry to tempt you but I think you’re in Canada, I’m in Texas (NOT a TEXAN) and my chicken will only travel so far as my tummy. Maybe the 18 yr. scotch could transport me and leftovers there though.

Damn AUGUSTIAN! Great idea!

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OMFG, I do.

I never turn that dish down. But what I really want is pumpkin pie, because of the candle I’ve been buning for three hours.

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I’ve never had chicken alfredo, but I’m starving so anything will do. 9:30am here so perhaps I should have something more breakfast-y instead!

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I’m going to have to run to the store for more Dixie plates. Don’t fill up on breadsticks y’all.

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@Damien- I’ll give you Iron Bru and a cigarette.

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You’re missing out, Damien.

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Irn Bru and a cigarette?! Not as filling as the pictures of chicken alfredo look, but I wouldn’t turn it down right now!

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@Damien- Now that they are stuffing ANY godforsaken fried meat, cheese, horse product into a tortilla and calling it a “breakfast wrap” I am thinking of a Grilled Chicken Alfredo Wrap. Heck yeah, good ol’ American gluttony. I will credit you as inspiration and name a peel- off- sticker game (winnings redeemed in euros only) on super- sized Cokes. The millions are sure to roll in…

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You guys are making me hungry.

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@Asemonet: Aww, hon- That makes me want to take you and wisk you away to an Olive Garden bliss! But if you like it…

Maybe my sub-par seasoned potatoes can entice.

Wait, now I’m am unsure whether my craving for the aforementioned dish is turning into weird flirting with anyone I can. Starving belly says I am compensating.

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It’s ok, I can understand how hunger pangs can lead to flirtations. Really.

Besides, I’ll flirt with any girl who kisses fish.
And yes, I will totes settle for your taters.

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how about 6 in the morning….or rather 5:44 am? yeah…i haven’t slept yet.

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Ah… a fellow “wondering how the other half lives” anti- sleeper. You can have your pick of the buffet for being a trouper.

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count me in…one of my faves!

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I intend to be asleep at that hour. But, thanks for the invite.

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In what way would we eat it together?

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I had chicken chow mein for breakfast! Soy sauce and coffee are a delicious pair.

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Someone lurve me. 999, C’MON!

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You need to request it from someone who hasn’t already max’d out their lurve for you. ;)

asmonet's avatar

There’s a maximum?

And you’ve reached it? ::warm and fuzzy::

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Am I to late. I LOVE Chicken Alfredo. and I have 2nd third and forth winds. I guess I am WAY late on this. Sorry.

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Never too late for Chicken Alfredo.
I’ll share a plate with you, Bri.

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Your killing me Nimis. be right there!!!!

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