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Creative Costume? (Technology related)

Asked by Shake (28points) October 24th, 2008

For Halloween I want to be something related to technology. Any ideas?

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Costume related! I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with that! :p

But, seriously, you should dress up as an undead floppy disk.

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Creative & technology? Hm. How about going out like a font-based villian?

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Rob: Someone should go as Comic Sans, so everyone can jeer at them.
Unless it was Augustlan. In which case, even I could love Comic Sans for one night.

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@robmandu: lol!

You could be a cable mummy monster. Take a bunch of USB, Ethernet, serial, and power cords and wrap yourself as a mummy. Every nerd has a box of 1 million cables. Well….at least I do.

Oh yeah, and you could like make some LED eyes

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I don’t know if you’re a guy or a girl, but a guy might like going as an ipod touch Just be careful where you place your apps.

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You could go as a zip disk. Anyone remember those?

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Be Spam. Attach mail ads all over yourself.

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…or a pop-up.

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To be a pop-up he’d have to take Viagra :D

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You should go as Windows Vistas. Through out the night, you should just stop completely in the middle of you tracks and stand there. This represents how it crashes so much. Get it?

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Do you have a friend? You could go as Mac and PC.

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he’d be a pornsite pop-up, then. doh

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You could jab some fun at social networks.

Go as a Facebook page.
Take polaroids of random people.
Stick them on yourself and declare them your friends.
Make Superpoke! post-its to stick on other people.

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To extend Nimi’s idea…

Print off copies of the “Friend invite” received when someone tries to add you as a friend in Facebook. Hand those out to the people you’d like to know better. Might be an interesting twist on the pickup line.

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@simone: I’m a mac user. That’s my disclaimer. As much as I hate winblows [whoops, dyslexia hits me at all the wrong times…], Vista is installed on my PC. It hasn’t crashed in a year. BUT! The annoying part is the unnecessary quizzes I get everytime I try to do anything.

Are you sure?
Are you sure you are sure?
You do realize you’re to dumb to know what you’re doing, so I don’t think you are sure.
Are you sure?

That’s Vista.

RAWR frustration

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All great ideas. Thanks everyone.

@Nimis Great idea but believe it or not that has already been done by someone at my school except she was her own profile.

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Or you could be a virus. And everytime you touch anyone, you can say “HA! You’re infected! Where’s your protection now!! HA!”

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Except being your own profile doesn’t sound as ridiculous/fun.

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lol Nimis , that make me think of this funny video

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Eight seconds, I’ve giving it to that guy.
just sounds like a euphemism.

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Go as Guitar Hero. Have some friends running in front of you as the colour-coded notes.

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Removed because I’ve gone over the acceptable number of contributions per thread.

AlfredaPrufrock's avatar has a great collection of kids costume ideas, many of which can be upsized to adult size. There’s a really cool martian in a spaceship on there.

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Dunno if it counts but if yu have a girl/guy friend to play one part you could do what my sister and her boyfriend did one year.

Mad Scientist/Roboticist and his Lovebot. One roll of aluminum foil for her, one lab coat for im and crazy wig. $30. Eveyrone got a kick out of it from what I hear.

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