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What is worse Halloween Costume Party Etiquette?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) October 24th, 2008

(Option 1) -> Getting so into the character behind the costume that you refuse to acknowledge your other self at any moment – no explanation except before or after party.


(Option 2) -> Refusing to get in costume because you can’t do a half-assed character – but able to explain your lack of costume to anyone who asks at any time.


(0ption 3) -> Sacrificing a personal high value of sincerity in exchange for an 80% fun party with the kind of people who you assume would want you to denounce your principle to be with them.

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I don’t see anything very wrong with Option 1. It’s kind of silly to be that into your character, but what the hey, it’s a Halloween party.

Option 2 sounds like something I would try to get away with. It’s dumb. Just wear a damn costume. It’s a Halloween party.

I don’t quite understand Option 3, but it sounds to me like it’s an Option 2 person giving in and wearing a costume after all. Sounds ok.

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i took Option 3 to mean that you do things that you are not normally comfortable doing because you feel that you are expected by fellow partiers to do so. If that’s the correct interpretation, then I think Option 3 is the worst.

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To me, Option #3 sounds like the most detrimental of all 3 options. If you are sacrificing a high value of sincerity, it would seem like that is the same as giving up your individuality which is one thing that makes us all unique and interesting.

Also, if you are with a group of people that you assume would want you to denounce your principles to be with them, just how good could they be in the first place? It sounds like they want you to be superficial rather than who you really are. That’s not fair to you and that’s not real life. Just my two cents.

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I think the question is biased for option 3, so, with that in mind I say option two. I mean, in terms of “etiquette,” it’s ridiculous. Character != costume. Please. Be just a little bit clever. Don’t cop out.

I have to say, though, option one grates me nearly as hard, since it’s so darn precious.

As for number three, i think that’s just called “going to a party”.

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Ohh, I can see how all three could be irritating.
Option 1 can be irritating to other guests; the Transylvanian accent may be fun for the first hour or two, but could become wearing by the end of the evening.
Option 2 ruins the fun of the other guests, because attending a costume party not in costume is a bit of a wet blanket. Not all costumes require you to be “in character.” Option 3 is not really an etiquette question; it’s a relationship question. Just because you go to a party does not mean you have to stay for a long time. It’s possible to go and put in an appearance, then leave. Just work out the terms ahead of time.

I’m reading this as really about someone who is basically reticent having to attend a costume party where everyone knows each other really well, are creative with costumes, and really get into it, acting silly? This is one of those situations where you go and do it to make the person you’re dating/married to happy.

There’s plenty of things you can be that don’t require being “in character.”

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So..the guy in the cow costume only says “moo” the whole time?

The best “no-costume” costume is a fake mustache- just expain that you’re “evil you,” in the same way that you can tell Spock and evil Spock apart ‘cause evil Spock has a goatee. Even if they don’t get it, it’s still scary.

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What Andrew said, question seems a bit biased for Option 3 so I’m just going to skip it.

Both Option 1 and 2 would depend on how it’s delivered.
I could see myself being really amused by Option 1
or maybe just wanting to kick them in the shins.
Same probably goes for Option 2, but less of an entertainment factor.
But would be great if they had printed out their reasons on a flier or business card.

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ooh good call with the flier.

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Depends on the person. Try any that you haven’t tried before, then do whichever one you choose each year.

What did you end up doing and how did it work for you?

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I’d say option 2 is the worst ettiquette, seriously it’s a halloween party. Its the one excuse you have to sacrifice high values and really just make a fool of yourself. Why be stuck up and refuse to wear a costume? Seriously throw on a cape and say you’re a super hero. Or put on a witches hat and be a witch. Just because you can’t make a full costume doesn’t mean you can’t at least do something little to get into it.

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