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Will advertising in the U.S. soon be, "in our heads," like in Japan?

Asked by Evol (84points) October 25th, 2008

In Japan a sound laser can beam a message from a soda vending machine “into your head,” so only you can hear it.

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BULLSHIT! Give me your source.

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I know they can beam a message that only youth will hear, but, like uberbatman, I am skeptical about this straight into your head, for only you thing. I eagerly await proof.

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I believe it – haven’t you seen those sound bubble thingys at museums? I bet this is what you are referring to – I don’t think it’s exactly a laser but more like a highly controlled sound wave that you can only hear when standing in an exact spot.

And yes, I’m sure once it’s more affordable it will be a new wave of advertising in the US, particularly in spots where you must stand still, like ATMs, vending machines, grocery lines, casino machines, etc.

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Oh boy; more advertising – can’t wait!

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Wow, that sounds really creepy. I hope that technology, if it exists, doesn’t make its way over to the United States. That’s trying just a bit too hard to push a product isn’t it?

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@Lovelocke – that’s quite a revealing video and the techniques used by advertisers in those examples seem to be less than ethical or responsible, in my opinion. Thanks for posting that video.

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Using sex to sell (some would say using porn to sell) is neither new nor is it considered subliminal. You are supposed to notice the sexual positioning.

As for the Disney stuff. Let’s snopes it. The important commentary here is at the bottom about animators amusing themselves. The Lion King “discovery” was supposedly made by a four year old boy who somehow knew enough about sex to tell him mom. Yeah, right.

So that’s porn and Disney. Not about that flashing business. Can we get a psychology study on that? Oh! We can! Results: Nothing happens. This was tested extensively at movie theaters with popcorn and drinks. The sales didn’t pop. I wish I could link to that, but it is somewhere in a psych textbook.

Lastly, product placement. Um, haven’t we known about this forever? Just in case (like with porn) you are surprised by it, here’s the deal: sometimes people pay for you to put something just so. It started with Reese’s Pieces in ET. They wanted to use M&M’s and they wanted M&M to pay for this honor. M&M refused, but Reese’s Pieces said yes. Following the movie, RP had a huge pop in popularity. Ever since then, we’ve had to put up with product placement.

I would really like to know where they are getting that CIA information. Because we’ve proven quite often that it really doesn’t work. But it looks like the video is trying to sell you subliminal stuff at their website, so I’m not surprised they tried to put together a strong case for it. My question: if it works so well, and you can make a CD of subliminal stuff with music like they claim (at their website!) what is running in the background of the music during that little presentation?

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What do you think all of the memorized jingles everyone knows are? Advertisments in our heads.

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“Directed sound” seems to be the catch phrase for this (a Technology Review article on it), although I don’t know how they target it now.

And aparently it’s been used in at least one billboard in NYC and several other places already…

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I heard it was like a sound laser.

Thanks funkydaddy!

but oh crap i’m not comfortable with this.

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