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Does anyone know the translation of Nina Simones' "Ne me quitte pas"?

Asked by syz (35846points) August 17th, 2007
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It's been a long time since high school French, but it might be "Don't leave me."

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yep peggylou's right-don't leave me

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C'est juste, mais Jacques Brel wrote the song in 1959.

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If you want the whole song translated you can get that too by googling translation sites.
And yes, it does mean "don't leave me", poor Nina.

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Yes, "don't leave me" is right - but the "official" English song translation is "If you go away.." Probably because this phrase has the same note of desperation as "ne me quitte pas," while still leaving some room for the follow-up lyrics (and keeping the same meter as the original for the song). Emiliana Torrini (Italian/Icelandic singer) does a pretty great, breathless version with the English lyrics. In on her "Rarities" album.

But please don't listen to this song too much in French or English! I've made that mistake before, and it sure puts you in a blue mood. You've been warned...

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