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Any fashion trend you are ashamed to admit you embraced?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) October 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I can’t believe I wore short leggings under a skirt (Madonna style), had a mullet, and sported two pairs of color matching socks schrunched down. I also flossed those Hypercolor tees thinking I was the shiznit.

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2 words: acid wash

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Oh man, I grew up in the 80s! Big hair, mini-skirts, ripped up off the shoulder sweatshirts and more…the shame, the shame.

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Acid wash!! Mall bangs!!! Flashdance sweatshirts!! That was style!

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puff-painted t-shirts, t-shirt rings/knots, giant “aqua-net” bangs, corkscrewed shoelaces in my loafers, double scrunch socks, work boots with scrunch socks on top and jeans tight-cuffed (I think there’s a name for that) above the sock, leg warmers… the list goes on.

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Well, it was our style, anyway!

@PandM: I totally forgot about the corkscrewed leather laces in my Docksiders! I kinda’ miss that actually.

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@poof: “pegged pants”. At least that’s what we called them

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Sideways ponytail. Ugh; those pictures are mortifying!

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I love tie-dye stuff. It just screams, stoner here!!!

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This is cracking me up! I forgot about the pegged jeans and the leg warmers. What about the jeans with the ankle zippers so you didn’t have to roll ‘em up? Then you had the shorter legged jeans to fit the two pairs of socks! Anyone shop at Fayva? Love that!

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Ankle zippers! I loved when those came out. Before most of the “skinny” jeans had them, my friend and I had to pull those jeans off of each other from the foot end…otherwise, they’d never come off!

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Parachute pants..

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@JP: Did you breakdance, too?

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Johnpowell is a b-boy in disguise! I knew I liked his vibe. Are you still carrying the cardboard and boom box?

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I wore a fanny pack in the early ‘90s.

<runs and hides in shame>

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Nevermind, I need to read the name of the poster carefully. Delete this answer.

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Of course you did, Dave. :)

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In the 80s it was neon and sun-in. In the 90s it was baby-doll dresses and grunge. But those are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Crimped hair and pegged pants.

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<<“child-of-the-80’s” and therefore has no shame when it comes to style….

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Hawaiian shirts (when I was in Jr High).

I wore a fanny pack quite a bit in the 90s, but I feel no shame for that. I was a little kid. Now I use a satchel if I need to carry stuff, and if anyone makes fun of it (i.e., calls it a purse), I commend them for their skills of observation, their rapier wit, and their stunning originality.

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I’m so ashamed.

Let’s see…Aquanet sent ME thank you cards! (mall bangs) I kept The Limited in business, buying Forenza pants (yes…they used to sell them) in various colors with the matching striped shirt, tank top and giant belt. Neon. Acid Wash. Double and Triple layering socks. Jelly bracelets. Madonna hair. Ridiculously baggy t-shirts with rolled sleeves. I wore a size 2, but my clothes were so baggy, no one knew what size I wore! ;) Mini skirts….and yes, the Flashdance thing, too!

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wait…I almost forgot….......Shoulder Pads!!

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For a while in the 90’s I wore big ass pants as did a lot of other people in the skateboarding scene. Man I used to look stupid. I mean the pants I had on looked like garbage bags tied on with bailing twine. Nowadays the fad has went right the opposite. Dick-tight jeans. Just go to a skatepark and you’ll see how ridiculous this tight pants thing is. Don’t worry I have found a median. Regular dickies that are my size.

Oh yeah when I was like 7 or 8 I tied a bandanna around my knee like Punky Brewster.

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I once wore a pair of bell bottomed jeans and only after someone paid me to do it.

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I had more bike shorts with lace on the bottom in the early nineties than any little girl should have ever had. Also, I had way too many butterfly clips in the lat nineties/early 2000’s.

Then again I had an awful haircut and was using those to hide it…


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the commandos

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alagator pants in the 70’s

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I dressed my daughter like Punkey Brewster in the 80’s

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Oh, and I wore hot pink stretch pants with black polk=a=dots, and of course the bitch flip in my hair.

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@Judi – you wouldn’t happen to have a picture of that would you? The pink stretch pants w/black polk-a-dots? LOL

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Actually I saved them for my grand kids “80’s days. If I can just figure out which box…. I think they’re with the leather mini-skirt and the hot pink sequined over sized T… My Grand daughter will be born in December so I have a few years to find that box.

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@Judi – I think by the time she is old enough to wear them, she might choose to completely forgo wearing them out in public. :o)

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My name is Supermouse, and I embraced leggings. Skin tight leggings with sweatshirts just past the bottom, high tops, and those thick socks scrunched down. Back in the early 80’s I wore pants that I had to lean up against the wall to get zipped. I remember getting stuck in them once when I was dressing out for gym.

My worst fashion mistake had to have been the yellow jumpsuit I had in grade school. I loved that thing, I wore it until the pants were high waters. It had Holly Hobbie on the lapel. Jumpsuits were all the rage back then, but boy did I look like a freak.

Little Girls + Jumpsuits = Fashion Don’t.

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I had the bad perm look for a few years. I hopefully have thrown out all the pics.

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Where to begin. Poodle skirts with crinolines and angora sweaters – along with saddle shoes and/or penny loafers with bobby socks. Panti-girdles, garter belts and stockings, merry widows. Then mini-skirts and coats (up to what my grandmother callled my pupik), tie-dyed tees, bell-bottoms, go-go boots, hot pants…then I got involved in a Quaker school community and that was that.

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Just think, somewhere in your mother’s house is the photographic evidence. Perhaps the true sign of maternal love is that she does not use her unique power over you and begin blackmailing…


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@Alfreda: My sis and I have all the embarrassing photographic evidence. My wedding album shows me with a Scarlett O’Hara waist and the expression of one who is about to have an embolism. (Of course, the choice of groom may have triggered my grimace.)

My poor mother is now suffering with dementia. She can remember what she wore as a teen-ager but not our outfits.

I left out the hairdos. Sleeping on rollers the size of frozen oj cans, ironing or straightening hair, then the Vidal Sassoon look; That required sleeping with scotch tape on the pieces in front of ears that you wanted to look glued to your cheeks.

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that’s hair, not ears, we wanted to look attached to cheeks. (Dangling modifier, if anyone cares.)

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@Gail, I vividly remember seeing my mother and grandmother going to bed with an X taped over those little curls in front of their ears. They both had cat eyed glasses to complete the look. Lurve for the blast from the past.

@Chyna, in the mid 80’s I had my hair cut super short and got just the top permed. Yikes!! Although I never rocked a mullet like my little sister Gimmedat, I have had more horrible hairdos than I care to admit.

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stirrup pants
tube tops (looked like you had one giant boob)
hot pants
tie dyed stuff
army jackets
shoes so high i had to have help to walk in…

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@deaddolly. I thought I was worldly but apparently not. What the heck are stirrup pants?

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@BlueFreedom: Like leggings, only with an extra bit of a fabric or elastic strap at the bottom that you put your foot through…like a stirrup! I am guilty of this one as well…

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@augustian. Thanks for the clarification on that. I’ve seen those but just didn’t know they were called that.

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they were so horrible. i still see ‘some’ ppl wear them…

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almost forgot…white ankle socks with lace and high heels.

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@dd NO, I’m horrified. Did you really wear that? lol

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She’s not alone.

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yes, i did. my ‘new wave’ phase.

hangs head

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Oh, but wasn’t ‘new wave’ fun? I had a blast during those years.

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yes, it was fun!!!

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Midriff-baring tube tops.

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