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Do you/are you allowed to eat outside of the kitchen area?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) October 25th, 2008

i am.

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I am, but not my kids. This is a Monarchy, and I’m the queen.

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I’m allowed to eat anywhere I want.

poofy cat says so.

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I can eat where ever I want. Food and otherwise…

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I’m the grownup, so I get to eat wherever I like. I like the couch.

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I’m a grown man. I’m allowed to eat or do anything my wife says I can.

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Way to go Astrochuck!!!

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Am I allowed? Yes. i don’t take orders too well Do I? No. I prefer eating in the area allotted for eating. It’s not really an OCD thing as much as I just feel it keeps the house cleaner. I also prefer eating without any TV on. I like focusing on my meal and savoring it, and eating with friends/family. Often when we watch TV or read a book while eating, it feels like the food is wasted because you are taking it in without really appreciating it for all it’s worth. I realize I am in the minority when it comes to this habit.

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I’m “allowed” to eat wherever the hell I want to.

I prefer eating outside though. At school I always go outside for lunch, even when it’s freezing cold. The cafeterias are too noisy and crowded. At home a lot of the time I’ll bring food outside on the porch when I let my dog out, and I’ll sit there with him while I eat.

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I’m a stereotypical couch potato all the way. I’m sitting on the couch eating dinner in front of the television every night. (When I’m not at work or out to dinner)

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@AstroChuck: right on! I can make my wife do whatever she wants.

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Yes. It’s my apartment, I do what I want.

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Yep, my mommy doesn’t like it though. :’(

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Actually, I’ll eat wherever I’m told. I’m just happy to have food!

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I’m not supposed to, but I do anyway. Feels so good to break the rules. :p

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since it’s just me and the critters, we eat wherever we want. Ususally in front of the TV. I rarely eat in the kitchen.

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Yea I eat in my room all the time. As long as I don’t make a mess, or leave my dishes in my room to rot I can continue to eat out of the kitchen.

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