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Feeling silly these days?

Asked by augustlan (47725points) October 25th, 2008

A few questions (well really it’s the answers-mine included) lately have me wondering if we’re all punch drunk. Not that that’s a bad thing. What I’m wondering is: Why? Are we all tuckered out by the serious economic and political issues? Is there something in the air? Do we just need more sleep?

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Not punch drunk, just Bacardi drunk and loving life! I am cracking up with every question and answer I’m reading, keep it coming.

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I have to admit, I’ve been having a great time the last few nights!

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Sleep might be good. But I just found out that my Godmother died and now my girlfriend, who I’m living with, just wants to be friends so I’m a little beyond punch drunk. I’m completely f-ed up!

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@loser: Then this silliness is just what you need! I’m sorry to hear about your Godmother, and your girl. Just make sure she doesn’t take your weird closet item.

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She’ll NEVER get it!! Ha!Ha!

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Silly is good. Silly works. If we’re not tuckered out by the economic and political issues then we’re probably disgusted by them instead. That noxious aroma in the air? It was me and I apologize for letting that one go. I’ll sleep when the election is over. Right now I’m having too much fun being under stimulated.

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I know I need more sleep. The last few weeks have been particularly hectic. So I apologize in advance for all my crappy posts.

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Only drinking coffee (at 5.30AM on a Sunday!), but I know I need more sleep – failing that I need distractions = Fluther!
@loser: sorry for your loss – the gf situation; that’s her loss!

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@loser- So sorry to hear about your grandmother and your relationship. Sounds like life is giving you a swift kick in the ass right now. HANG IN THERE! This, too, shall pass.

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Guilty. (of silliness)

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I’m glad it’s not just me…I think you people are making me silly! Well, that and lack of sleep : )

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I might be a little punch drunk myself, even though I prefer Cabernet. I think I’m doing okay for being unemployed and having to move back in with my parents (fun) until I finish grad school. I have been staying up until like 4 am the last few nights. Hmmmm. What day is it anyway?

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How did I miss the silliness? I love silliness! Where was it?

Or are we talking about different things. I like absurdity. Maybe that’s not the same?

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I’m pretty silly in general. I don’t notice any increases…I mean, as I mentioned on another thread I’ve been kicked out of an antique store for plotting world domination and humming the Pinky & The Brain theme.

I say the silier the world or the internet is the better. More silliness!

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i’m pretty silly too. i like to throw in not-so-serious questions to lighten things up every once and awhile.

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i think i’m pretty much in a near-constant state of silly.

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im always silly :P

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