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2006 Chrysler Sebring Fog Light Wiring harness....question.

Asked by JasonH (107points) October 25th, 2008

06 chrysler sebring touring just bought the car it doesnt have fog lights yet im going to get oem fog lights now i noticed where the bumper has the holes for the fog lamps i see plug’s for the fog lamps, so basicly its a plug and play thing now i cant find the foglight switch…in the car? i tried the whole turn on the lights and pull out the switch but it wont pull out… there a spot where i would put a switch….like a little port hole or something i really dont wanna put a ugly Ricer switch some where on the dash by glueing drilling holes… the dash? why would there be oem plugs hanging there but no switch? please help thanks. also checked the owners manual nothing. hence why i am here asking the world :-)

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Just find out where the switch is on a model that’s got fog lights. Go to the dealer, buy the switch and install it where it’s supposed to go. Like the fog lights, the wiring for the switch should already be there.

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nope went to dealer no switch for my model now u think they plug in n just ru nwhen the car is running..? im not about to install an ugly toggle switch. im not a RICER. lol

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