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HELP! I cant pee.

Asked by Melonking (1221points) October 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I haven’t been able to pee since yesterday morning. Evrey time I try to it just hurts.

Does any one know what is wrong with me and how I can fix it?

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If you haven’t been able to urinate in over 24 hours, you should seriously consider going to the doctor as soon as possible.

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sorry there was a typo, Its just I’m not in a very good place to go to the doctor. I was fine yesterday and then I didnot go while on a long car ride and I could not go after that.

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If you think it’ll be expensive going now, just imagine your week stay in ICU after you’re riddled with kidney and bladder problems.

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Having that type of fluid build-up/waste products in your system cannot be healthy. I’m not sure what would cause your condition in only a one day period but maybe it’s an onset to a urinary tract infection?

Even though you may not be in a good place to go to a doctor, you should still make any attempts you can to get a prognosis or opinion from a qualified medical authority. Your health is very important and you don’t want whatever you have to deteriorate quickly into something even more severe.

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Well, I guess you are all rigth, At this point I am getting very worryed.

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You have a reason to be worried but don’t panic. Just seek medical treatment and you will be fine, I’m sure. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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An ounce of weed is worth considerably less than a pound of it though.

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Sometimes it can hurt if you haven’t urinated in forever, try to relax and just go. If the pain is HONESTLY very bad seek medical attention. Generally if you just sit on the toilet for a few minutes it’ll happen. But, you have to relax.

If you can’t go in another hour or so, I’d seek help.

Did you just wake up, btw?

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even the emergency room, seriously.

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Yeah.. if you honestly cannot pee no matter what (trying to relax, or whatever it takes), please go seek medical help. Not being able to pee is definitely abnormal. There could be a number of reasons, but you will most likely need a doctor’s help in resolving the problem.

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Get medical help!

“Retention can be an acute (new, short-term) or chronic (ongoing, long-term) condition. It always requires medical attention, sometimes hospitalization, for treatment, symptom relief, and detection of the underlying cause. Failure to treat the condition can lead to infections or damage to the urinary tract and kidneys.”

Excerpt from THIS

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Have you tried sitting on the commode and letting the water run in the sink? Something about the sound of water running makes people pee. If that doesn’t help, try taking a hot bath to see if that can relax the muscles.

Otherwise, you will have no choice but to get to a doctor.

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Let us know what happens!

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Originally I was gonna asked what hurts and where, but, you know what, it shouldn’t hurt anywhere. Go to the hospital.

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melonking, I hate to say this but I can’t tell from your avatar if you’re a girl. if you are and I’m understanding your symptom, you may have cystitis, a little urinary infection which is easily curable but which untreated which will get worse and worse. That’s probably hard to imagine right now, but it really does.
For this an antibiotic will do the trick, and quickly, but you have to get a doc to prescribe it.
You can’t cure it by bathing or anything else you can do on your own.
Sorry to “prescribe” over the internet but it may help you to decide to take action.

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If you can’t pee, the bladder might shut down and you’ll suffer bloodpoisoning. I’m not tellling you please or you to ‘seriously consider’ going to the doctor.
Go to the doctor now or suffer severe consequences.

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i would say go to the doctors asap. it could either be a urinary tract infection. signs: hurts to pee, go constantly, but nothing comes out, just burns, blood in urine. and kills to just sit around. or it might bee something more serious.

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Go to the doctor. ASAP.

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I think you should just ram into the doc’s office or call 911.
I hope you get well.
PS. could you let everyody else know wht the cause was after you are cured? Quite a few of us are curious

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probably a UTI from “holding it in” during your long car ride….go seek a doctor ASAP….

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Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking, googlybear. Definitely need a doctor’s help to resolve it.. take it from the UTI queen.

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I hope you’re already getting checked out but the one thing I remember from a UTI I had a long time ago was that unsweetened cranberry juice is considered a good help…

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@googlybear. I’ve heard that also. Cranberry juice is good for cleaning the kidneys I think it was.

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yep, cranberry juice is an old remedy.

if you have no money; a hospital can’t turn you away. Go!

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You need to go see someone.
You don’t want to mess around with your kidneys or bladder.

But in the mean time:
Drink lots of water and unsweetened cranberry juice.
Then try sitting in a bath tub filled with warm water.
Sounds really gross sitting in your own piss, but I’m guessing that will probably help.

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ya unsweetened cranberry juice does help

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Omg how come I knew what UTI stood for without looking it up 0.o

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Do we have an update yet?????

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@Judi: I was thinking the same thing. Please let us know how it goes, Melonking.

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Gosh I hope Melonking is ok….

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he may have developed something like kidney stones. and well ouch. But he just needs to have it checked out hard core or else… something terrible may happen, like becoming steryl, possible amputations. All sorts of things that makes a guy cry and stay awake at night.

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i actually have a kidney stone right now and as we speak im trying to pee as i get ready to go to the burns when i pee, and when i say pee i mean the short little squirts, and i have an urge to go all the time. i guess unsweetend cranberry juice does it but its not gonna do it fast enough so i say go to the doctor so you dont need to live in discomfort

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Go to the doctor, or you can try drinking alot of water and see if it helps.
If nothing works, refill the cup and try again.

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