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...And Justice For All Shirt. Fits for a guy?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2872points) October 26th, 2008

So i want the…And Justice For All T-shirt, but the normal one is ugly… So i know this girl version… Does anyone have this one? It’s for girls, but would it really look terrible on me?

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It has space for boobs and is thinner at the waist. I dunno if people would notice but it’s a big difference alright. If you buy the female though, buy a larger size than you normally would.

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i wouldn’t do it if i were you. the girl one’s shape is made for a girl’s body. and the sleeves would look strange on a guy (curved like that instead of straight and square for the guy). I definitely think it would look feminine like it’s meant to.

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Very bad idea, Magnus. Usually women measure c. 10” more around bust than waist.

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I don’t know, depending on how you’re built, with straight leg jeans, you could cultivate a Euro-emo look…

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The 1980s called and want their band back…

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If you can find a store that has them, you could try it on and see what you think. Depending on how you are shaped, it could be passable or very bad. Maybe if it looks ok otherwise, you could remove the sleeves.

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I’m kinda thin, so that wouldn’t be a problem. and it don’t have the long sleeves. I’ll also wear it with another t-shirt underneath it.

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Getting it large enough to fit over another t-shirt should be ok, if you are thin. It surely couldn’t look worse than the girl modeling the shirt in your link!

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well ok. thanks everyone. i think i’ll get this one. after all i will only wear it 4 times in public.
i’m going to one show in norway and three in denmark this summer :D

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Are you sure you don’t want this beauty?

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well, for the slayer gig next month i’m gonna get a south of heaven shirt :p I love that album so anything else would be wrong. but thanks for the tip! :)

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the sleeves make it look more girly. my daughter wears the guy shirts all the time, don’t see why you can’t wear the opposite. it’s a cooler shirt.

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Dude you should totally buy that girl’s Metallica T-shirt.

That’s totally metal.

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haha, that answer kinda made me laugh :p
i geuss i’ll buy it :)

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