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Building strength into brittle hair?

Asked by xgunther (446points) August 18th, 2007 from iPhone

Are there any good products or advice to build strength into brittle hair?

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vitamins high in amino acids

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Which vitamins are rich in amino acids?

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get A/G-Pro its made by can get it at any drug store without a prescription but you have to ask the pharmacist for it b/c it is kept behind th counter.

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Genetics are the primary factor in hair texture. Overall health, including proper nutrition and hydration, also plays a part. Abuse is a big problem, too. Avoid chemical processing (color, perm, straightening, etc.). Avoid heat styling (hair dryers, curling or straightening irons, etc.). If you can, try not to shampoo every day. Hot oil treatments should help, and there are several product lines with strengthening formulas (Pantene, Garnier, etc.).

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xgunteher: don't know how old you are, but the older one gets, the more brittle the hair. I wash mine now only once a week but wet it down daily and put in some conditioner. Try to use fingers rather than comb or brush. My family has a Russian hair genes- thick and coarse, but I now notice that I lose a handfull when I shampoo or brush.

@hearkat has it right. I have never colored, had a perm, don't use dryers. curling or other irons...and have a friend trim it. The hairdressers call it "virgin" hair.

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Diet is a good way to start but it does get brittle as we get older. I take a special vitamin for hair and nails. Vitamin A is the main ingredient. I have very fine shiny hair but it's changing to a coarser texture, and breaks easier. I switched to a brush with few prongs and use lots of conditioner. I put henna on my hair in the past to coat it and protect from the chlorine when swimming. Henna is a great product and there are neutral shades. I never ever blow-dry my hair or use products on it. Many have alcohol in them. I want to warn women trying to avoid extra soy and estrogen that some of these volumizing shampoos have these ingredients.

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dial or dove

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Some people swear by putting raw egg in your hair, leaving it in for an hour or so, then washing it out. BUT--I do remember you are only supposed to use part of the egg (either the yolk or the white) and can't remember which part. Maybe someone else in the Fluther community will know...

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@bybvibe93: soap on the hair?

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they make dial and dove shampoo. I use dial and mom uses dove, we both love

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Read the ingredients (a chemical stew) in commercial shampoos, and then go to your health food store for their hair products. As a kid, I used to use fresh lemon juice and water for increasing shine. Don't remember whether it worked, but I smelled nice.
Sometimes women use mayo or olive oil as a conditioner...then you smell like salad dressing

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L'Oreal makes a great hair mask with Olive Oil and other natural ingredients that doesn't leave you smelling like salad dressing! I haven't seen it ina while though... Found it! It isn't often in stores, you may have to order off the web. L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme: http://l'oreal%20nature's%20therapy%20mega%20moisture%20nurturing%20creme/

I also like Neutrogena Triple Moisture products:

If you really want to go all-natural, etc. search for vegan cosmetics and you'll find plenty of links.

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