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Second try: How do I get text messages from my Samsung SGH-A737 (At&t) cell phone to my MacBook? (Also, is there a way to back up the phone numbers to the computer?)

Asked by zina (1653points) October 26th, 2008

I’d like to save some text messages (much like an email record), and my phone’s Inbox is getting full so I really need to download them to the computer. I figured out how to send all the photos to myself via bluetooth, but still can’t figure out how to send or transfer texts. I’m able to browse the device on my laptop’s bluetooth, but nothing appears in any of the folders.

Less importantly, I’d like to back up the Contacts list (which of course I can do manually, but it’d be nice to do it automatically).

To answer the obvious questions:
~ I can’t find my user’s manual, and I haven’t found one online.
~ Here’s my previous post on the topic:


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Have you tried emailing the texts to your email account? I know you can send photos to the email account and get music to your phone.. Its a thought.. if that doesnt work google the question but maybe minimize the question. Also, try craigslist os somewhere that people sell electronics or what not and find someone selling the same phone and ask them?

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I’ve Googled this question with various keywords several times to no avail.

I’d heard the email idea, but I don’t see any way on the phone to email them to myself.

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Its just like sending a text to your email.. but, instead of putting the number to send it.. put in your email address :D

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I tried it (by forwarding the message to myself) – and it worked – but it’s only the content of the message, without the sender or time info saved. any other options besides forwarding each message individually? i see “move to sim” and “move to My Folder” but i’m not sure if either could help….

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Hmm.. a lil puzzled now.. lol. Try playing around w your phone and see.. do you have one of those things that u plug into your computer that holds documents or anything u need saved you can unplug it and plug it into another computer to download?

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you mean a flash drive or external hard drive? i do, but how could i use that? there are no ports on the phone except a micro SD card slot and power cord port (which also has a headphones symbol…)

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Well you would need something to be able to transport the messages from one computer to the next…

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did u call at&t and ask about it or maybe they can get you print outs of the messages with your other needed information??

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I’m not sure about backing up your text messages (sorry!), but you should be able to sync your contacts using iSync. iSync pairs your MacBook contacts in Address Book with the contacts on your phone via Bluetooth. It syncs your calendars too. It’s pretty handy, and it should already be installed on your Mac.

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no you cannot save your text messages

I don’t even know a single phone YET that can save text messages.. anywhere besides its internet memory.

And there should be an option to easily transfer your saved names and numbers and addresses whatever through bluetooth to your mac.
Not sure how, or what software you might possibly need but it shouldn’t be all to hard to transfer that stuff to your computer, but texts.. out of the question, it isn’t possible as far as i’m aware, even Samsung doesn’t have supporting software to do it, nor do they like to discuss it in emails either really..

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