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How to speed up a USB keyboard?

Asked by klaas4 (2181points) August 18th, 2007

Hello, prepare for a long story. :-)

My uncle has a keyboard with a USB output (Yamaha PSR2100, and he connected it with his computer. (Targa, Windows XP Home, Creative Audigy soundcard)

He then installed Finale 2007 and started HyperScribe (the music notation program) but when he presses a note on his keyboard, he get's a delay of about 200ms.

He fixed this by setting the midi-delay to 200ms, and voila, he didn't have a delay. But then...

He wanted to record a piece, and started HyperScribe. He turned on the speakers for a click to hear, but now that click had an delay, and it's very hard to play then.

So basically he want's that the delay is gone, in the click, but also when he presses a note, without setting a midi-delay. It's ridiculous that he has to set a delay...

He tried everything, 4 different computers (his computer, his laptop, and my two laptops), 5 keyboards (!), and no one knows a solution.

So, maybe you do :-)
I gave you this information, but if you need more, ask it.

HYH (hope you help) :-)

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Sounds like the computer needs more memory aka RAM. Just because he has the minimum requirements does not mean that his computer will preform correctly. Secondly it could also be the speed of his computers processor. He may need a faster computer. Also is composing this music to/from an external drive? And if so what type of connection is it . . . Ie: firewire or usb? Lastly, when you say he has tried 4 different computers, I assume you keen the USB keyboard not the application/software on them as well. . . Correct?

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Sorry, I don't know what 'keen' is...
He has 512MB's of RAM, and a powerfull enough processor, so I don't think it's his system config.

It is a USB, as I metioned, and he's using his local drive, Finale is installed on his local drive. (he also doesn't have an external drive)

But thanks for replying...

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Oh by the way, he also said that when he had his old computer (with windows 98 and finale 2003) it worked perfectly. In that age he used a other keyboard with MIDI, and the computer had a special port for it apparently...

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ment "been" sorry.

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is the application the same one he has been using on the windows 98 machine? It might need to be updated to run properly on XP?

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Edit: ment "mean". I dont like this iphone typing. Not good at it yet.

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On Windows 98 he used Finale 2003. (ment for 98) Now he uses 2007 (ment for XP)

And as reaction for the 1st question: I've installed Finale on all 44 machines, and also the drivers.

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Whoops, I mean 4 machines.

I'm using Pocket PC touch screen keyboard. That's even worse :-)

By the way, since your nick is MacHacker, would it help to buy Finale 2007 for mac (it exists!), and try it on a mac? Or wil the keyboard not work on the mac?


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