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How to remove Honda Civic car stereo?

Asked by popo7676 (587points) October 26th, 2008

I own a 2005 Honda Civic EX. I’m trying to gain access to the stereo to finish installing my amplifier, but i am very confused on how to do so. I read somewhere that i have to remove the whole dashboard but i thought their must be an easier way.

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first is it an 05 or 06? your topics say 2006 and the description says 2005. If you pull the ash tray out, can you get access to it that way?

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sry typo its a 2005. and in it their isn’t an ash tray just a little compartment on the side by the door.

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What is that under the head unit?(thats what i was talking about when i said ashtry) It looks like it pulls out, no?

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thr is a screw right there and earlier today i was trying to figure it out myself and when i undid the little compartment it just popped out a little bit thats all.

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Did you try shoving a flathead screwdriver in around the edge of your head unit and try popping it out?(probably not a great idea, but it may work.) Im having a hard time finding anything about your car online anywhere. Maybe go to bestbuy or something where they will install new headunits for you and just ask how you go about removing yours, im sure they’ll tell you.

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i have tried the screwdriver thing. i have tried for hours to find out how to take it out on the internet. i asked the dealership and they couldnt even tell me how to do it. i guess i can try best buy but i dont expect much from them.

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yeah i dont really want to pay for anything because i already put all my money into the speakes, amp, and wiring kit. thanks though.

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lol, ok if you don’t want to pay $20 for a part by part diagram of your car, then I wouldn’t try to do the work yourself. I would suggest making friends with a mechanic.

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try or I know they have how to videos on mostly anything there.

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how to take a car stereo

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