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LARPing and Me: How do I get started, I wonder?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) October 26th, 2008

Live Action Role Play has always struck me as something that would be loads of fun. I’m a tad theatrical, plus I think I have nice “character” ideas. That said, I spent some time on Youtube checking out the different LARP-related videos they have, and all they’ve done is make me want to do it more.

Where do I begin? I found a site (I think it was called but there seems to be a lot of dead links there. Are there stores to buy some gear? I can’t imagine any “toy store” gear would be considered good enough… and I would like to “fit in” if that makes sense.

There are Sci-Fi ones as well as Fantasy or Mid evil ones… they all sound wonderful :)

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In my experience you need to find a local LARPing group. I have a few to chose from in my town (Colorado Springs) and each one uses a different set of rules and guides. I know there are A LOT of books out there for LARPing. GURPS has rules for LARPing, last time I checked.
As for gear, I have seen everything from guys using bed covers to people like me, with way to much free time, and a bad sense of budgeting that spend thousands of dollars on period specific equipment. I have only ever spent about 400$ for an entire “character.” But some of the knights I play with actually forged their own Full Plate from steal. One suite actually weighed 200 some pounds and this guy wore it like it was a feather.
It really all comes down to what kind of LARP you are looking for and who you are going to be playing with.
I always play VTM (Vampire: The Masquerade [Old School]) with my friends, so all we really need is a set of fangs and some fake guns and some daggers, and lots of “Hot Topic” clothing!
My recommendation is to find some local groups, check them out in person, see what they have to offer and then go from there. The other option is, if you have the friends for it, start your own group and pick out a good LARP. Your local game’s corner\nerd hoard\geek temple\comic book store will have plenty of resources to pick from.
The final option is to make it up yourself! I and my friends took D&D 3rd Edition and turned it into a LARP from some of the local kids to play and act out, and it worked really well actually.
Hope that helps some how, let me know if you want any kind of follow up.

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Most of the LARPers I’ve met are good craftspeople as well; seamstress, makeup, fun with foam (for “boffers”), etcetera. It’s seldom that I see much store-bought stuff that was originally intended for LARPs and used unmodified.

The exception really is anything dealing with teh World of Darkness, but most people who play Vampire had the wardrobe and fangs before tehy even got into gaming so…

@jtvoar16 I’ve been doing GURPS for a couple of decades now and I don’t recall any official LARP rules…

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