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What are all the third person military shooters you can think of that have (or might have) demos for the ps3?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) October 26th, 2008

I saw an awesome looking demo on a stock ps3 at a store, and I want to find out what it could be. Third person military shooters either out, or at least out in demo.


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Was it a WWII type, or more modern? I would almost bet it was call of duty 4, modern warfare. That is a great game and has wicked graphics. It would be a good one to put on a store demo. If you can, describe it a bit more.

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thats first person, I’m looking for a third person, and I don’t think COD4 even has a demo out, I’m not sure though.

It looked modern, I can’t be sure. I really just caught a glimpse of it. There aren’t many third person, realistic military shooters out there, so really just any you can think of.

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