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What's a recent dream you've had?

Asked by science_girl89 (236points) October 27th, 2008

Any recurring dreams, scary nightmares you wouldn’t mind sharing, great dreams, sad dreams, odd dreams, half-awake when your wondering what just happened dreams, and disorienting dreams?

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umm, this isnt a dream of mine but one my brother told me he used to have all the time. he dreamed he was being chased by snakes, and when they opened their mouths they didnt shoot out venom, but instead, they shot rolls of wal-mart stickers. for those who dont know what im talking about, it would be stickers like this but obviously not those workds (that was the only decent pic i could find)

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When I was a child , I had this horrible reccuring dream. My parents left me in the car unattended. It began to roll downhill until it came to a stop on a bridge high over the water. I got out of the car and fell over the side of the bridge, hanging on by my fingertips. People came along and began stepping on my fingers. I always woke up before I actually fell in the drink.
I blame this for all my problems. :0)

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Last night I had a dream my good friend inherited 71 thousand dollars. I sent her a text this morning saying she should go play the lottery! Hey, ya never know. Life is weird.

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I had a very bizarre and quite terrifying dream a few months ago. It was exactly the same, and happened two nights in a row.

My bedroom is a big “L” shape, so my bed is tucked away around a corner. I was dreaming that I was sat up in bed reading this huge heavy book. I would read the book for a couple minutes, and then the silhouette of a person would appear on the other, darker side of my room coming around the corner. They would stand in the shadows for a while, and I would ‘pretend’ to read. I felt like I needed to avoid looking at them.

After a few moments there would be a camera flash from the silhouette, and then I’d be paralysed. I’d just lay there with my mouth hanging open for almost a minute, and quietly the silhouette would walk away. For a few moments I’d stare into the quilt, not being able to move. Eventually I would just wake up.

I basically didn’t sleep after that, both times.

The second time it happened was the strangest, because I really felt like I knew I was dreaming, but I couldn’t stop myself from sitting there and letting them take the photo. It was pretty disturbing as far as dreams go.

I actually left on the lamp the next night, so that if it happened again I wouldn’t have to fumble around in the dark to find it in order to remind myself that everything is normal. Other than this I’ve never really had any other nightmares.

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Pennywise stabbed me through the shins with butcher knives for about fourten years of my young life. Blame the baby sitter who doesn’t know what age-appropriate movie are. :)

Funnily enough I’m obsessed with Tim Curry in everything else. But I won’t go near It.

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I have frequent vivid dreams, which I attribute to a certain prescription drug I take. I had never dreamed as vividly nor did I ever remember dreams the way I do now. In fact, I took another version of this drug originally and I dreamed in color for the first time ever! Switching drugs switched my dreams back to B&W but are still very vivid. Most of my dreams can be put into three categories:

1. Odd terror
2. Odd real life
3. Extreme love or sexual

Examples of each:

Odd Terror: I was simply walking down a city street (this one was in color) and all of the sudden the sky darkens as if we were experiencing an eclipse. I don’t look up but notice people beginning to run. I hear booming sounds and finally look up and see squadrons of saucer shaped UFO’s blasting away at us on the street. I run for a store and then feel a blazing heat in my back and I fall forward through the door of the store cutting myself on the glass as I break through the door. I am laying on the ground bleeding and can see the space ships landing. The owner of the store comes up to comfort me, but as she gets close she pulls off her head to reveal that she is an alien. I woke up. I had this dream well over a year ago and will not forget it.

Odd “real life”: I was on a sales trip in this dream and I landed at BWI and took the bus to the car rental center. On the bus everyone began to sing “and have a nice day, and have a nice day, and have a nice day” Everyone had these fake creepy smiles on their faces and they kept singing “and have a nice day, and have a nice day”. We pulled into the rental center and everyone gets off. I am last to get off and the bus driver says “You thought we didn’t know, didn’t you?” Freaked me out and I woke up. The back story to this is that in real life the bus to the car rental center at BWI has a recorded voice that makes announcements and after every announcement the voice (female) says And Have a nice day”. Like this: “Our next stop will be for United, please make sure you have all of your bags, and have a nice day.”

Lastly Extreme Love or Sexual feelings: I get these intense dreams that I am so in love with someone. Not always sexually, but just as if I feel that we are bonded. An example of both in one dream: I was in my hotel room (I travel a lot) sleeping and there is a knock on the door. I get up an look out the peep hole and see my ex-sister-in-law. I open the door and she walks in. We don’t say a word. She walks around the far side of my bed and begins to dis-robe. when she is completely naked she crawls into the bed and I am already there, naked. We spoon and fall asleep. We awake together and I have this most awesome feeling of love. A word is never spoken and, without details, she makes love to me and I feel as if I can fly. Lovely, really.

I remember some dreams for quite a long time.

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Saturday night I had a dream that I accidentally killed someone in a drunken blackout.

I don’t really remember most of the details now, but I was trying to cover it up and it wasn’t going well. Very stressful.

I woke up with a serious hangover and croaked “Well, at least I didn’t kill that woman.”

A rare instance of me being glad to wake up alone… That would have been kind of a weird thing to explain.

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I had a dream last night that I was trying to get a spider or something off of me. My husband got it – but only the tail. The rest of it was a komodo dragon running around the bedroom. But he was like a puppy. Luckily – I woke up when the alarm went off – as even puppies bite!

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I met the vampire of my dreams and was carried away. I sincerely hope this will be a recurring dream…

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Last night I dreamed I locked up my bike by only the frame, and when I came back that was all that was left. Both wheels and all the gears and stuff were gone. Then the first person I saw today (besides my sweetie) told me that his bike had been stolen a few days before.

Freaky, huh?

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Last-night (day? whatever) I had a dream about the comic Transmetropolitan where I was working as Spider’s assistant, I remember helping kill a corrupt judge with a can of silly string that was actually explosives, then he stabbed me in my chest when I was asleep, then I woke up.

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I had a dream/s last night that were very disturbing. It started out with something trying to possess me, which actually isn’t that unusual. However, when I realized that I was dreaming, my brain chose a different topic to dream about and would start up a new dream altogether. But whatever was trying to possess me wasn’t giving up so easily and also appeared in the new dream. That happened about five or six times until I finally woke up.

I think the most disturbing part about it all is that the very night I has those dreams, I had told my best friend that I wouldn’t care if I died the next day and I truly meant it. Why I said that and feel that way is off the topic and doesn’t matter so much in regards to your question. Sure, it’s probably just coincidence, but it didn’t help matters to feel like – because of what I said – my soul was possibly up for grabs.

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