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Do you have AT LEAST ten inches of space between your body and your car's steering wheel?

Asked by Mr_M (7591points) October 27th, 2008

I recently found out you’re supposed to. VERY FEW people I know do. Do you?

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I have about a foot, but I’m very tall for a girl. I needed leg room.. steering wheel space happened on it’s own.

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I think from my tummy to the bottom of the wheel it is at least 10 inches, but I don’t know about the top of the wheel to my boobs. Why is it 10 inches? To be safe from the airbag?

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I’m 5’1” (on a good day), so no, never.

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I definitely don’t. I’m really short (5’1” and a half) so I have to sit pretty close to the steering wheel to even see over it.

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I definitely didn’t when I drove, I am only 4’10”. My sister was always telling me I was too close and I told her I ‘can’t help it’!

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This rule was made by a tall person. Bah.

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i bet i do. in fact, i bet i have about 15. i sit wayyy back when i drive. it’s preobably pretty unsafe for me to do that. it’s probably pretty unsafe for me to steer with my knees all the time, too.

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@Nimis: Are you Short People?

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Dude. Seriously. Get out of my head.
I was going to sign off my last comment with that song.

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@Nimis: never, we’re made of awesome and epic to boot. Remember?

Also, I beat you to it because I have a smidge more awesome than you, clearly.

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I definitely do when I drive my own car, but when I drive my boyfriend’s itty bitty Carolla probably not, when I adjusted the seat the way that was comfortable for me my head bumped against the ceiling. That’s when I realized why he drives like a cholo. He’s even taller than I am.

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I do, but only after adjusting after my wife has driven it. If I don’t, my face is over the steering wheel.

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I dont, not that it really matters since i dont have an airbag or anything so im kinda screwed either way.

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I do, because of the airbag. I learned about that years ago, when I was pregnant with #1. Try keeping 10 inches between the wheel and your very pregnant belly!

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augustlan, how did you reach the steering wheel?

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Well, I’m relatively tall (just about 5’8”), but it was still difficult! I was completely paranoid about that airbag hitting my baby belly.

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I am usually bout 15 inches away from the steering wheel when I drive…I lean my seat back…it gives me good leverage…

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celticsfan, that’s what i call driving like a cholo! ;-)

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k what the heck is a cholo???

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gangsta to da core, what can I say LOL

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