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What's worse: Giving birth, or getting kicked in the balls?

Asked by mirza (5042points) August 18th, 2007
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I've never Experienced giving birth but I've heard it is extremely painful. I have how ever experienced a kick in the pants. I'd say about 75% of a kick to the nuts is drama and an act to get attention. And usually the penis obsorbes most of the blow. So I would have to say giving birth is more painful.

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Getting kicked in the balls, I'm sure. Childbirth is a beautiful thing with a prize in the end.
The pain is so intense you're in delerium but you have a job to do, pushing, and then it's over. Being pregnant doesn't hurt! It's exciting!

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I think it would be amazing to give birth, I am jealous ladies!

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Ah, mirza. Ever the deep philosopher. I've been kicked in the testes, once so hard it cracked my cup and still made them swell up twice their size. I have watched my wife give birth 3 times, twice with no anaesthetic. Child birth is far more painful, and lasts longer, imho. No contest. On the other hand, I have also passed a kidney stone, and while it didn't last as long, I think the level of pain might be equal. I also would love to experience childbirth, for about 5 minutes, and then I'd rather be kicked in the balls.

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I have watched people give birth and I have been kicked. Hands down giving birth is worse. I mean when you get kicked your body does not have to release hormones to compensate for the pain.

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As others have mentioned, giving birth is a far more lengthy process. And for some there are pains experienced during pregnancy. In my last trimester, my son must have enjoyed kicking my sciatic nerve because I frequently got these electrical jolts of pain shooting down my left leg.

Even if you've had a textbook pregnancy, labor and delivery are no walk in the park. The average duration of a woman's first labor is 24 hours! And evan after delivery, there is the cramping that occurs as the uterus returns to its normal size.

I would not trade having had the experience of childbirth for ANYTHING; but I would bet that it is overall more painful than a kick in the nuts. I know a woman who had 3 kids and also had kidney stones, and she said that passing the stones was a sharper pain.

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I'd assume a human being tearing its way out of your body would hurt more than a shot to the nuts, unless you were kicked in the nuts by a flame thrower.

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I am glad I had the opportunity to give birth, although it hurt a lot, than to be kicked in the balls anyday. The pain during childbirth is worse...I think...but pregnancy is so exciting and my daughter....made EVERY PAIN worthwhile!

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Well I don't know of any person who can answer this question, having experienced both.

I'd assume birth is more painful.

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I suppose it is part of God's design, that no one ever has to experience both. Evidently, he is merciful.

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Oops, before I get flamed, I meant He.

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My daughter called me on her birthday yesterday leaving this message, "If you could manage pushing me out of your body, 23 years ago, why can't you pick up the phone?" She is hilarious. I'll take childbirth over the nut kick anyday!

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Having experienced neither (I got my kids the easy way, by pirating them from missing-in-action other mothers) I'd say God had given me a good deal, and I thank Her
for it.

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since the question is “what’s worse” and not “what hurts more”, the answer is definitely kicked in the balls. after you get kicked in the balls, all you have is pain. but after childbirth, you have a baby! plus, the number of childbirths where the mother is in favor of the event occurring far outweighs the number of times someone is kicked in the balls according to their own wishes.

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And thus, we arrive at the great universal question: If men could give birth by having big bellies (or bigger than we already have) and urinating frequently for 9 months, followed by 10 hours or so of being repeatedly kicked in the cojones, would it result in any children? I’m thinking not.

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I think the only way to get a correct answer to this question is to ask a hermaphrodite!

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Average duration of first-birth labor: 24 hours. If you could get kicked in the balls once a minute for 24 hours, it might be equivalent. But a one-time kick versus 24 hours of labor? I’d take a kick in the balls anyday.

(And for women who get a cesarean, they experience less pain at the time but it takes about a month to fully recover. I don’t personally know any men who need a whole month to recover from getting kicked in the balls)

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definitely not. worst ever for me was about an hour. maybe two hours.

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Okay…at this point I’m glad I don’t have balls. I would take child birth any day!

To all the other mothers out there, I apologize in advance for sharing my unfair experiences with labor. My first was 4 hours, second was 3.5. I know, I know…it must be the child-bearing hips or something. It’s just not right! And did I mention…there’s never been an episiotomy involved? No sits-baths…ever. :) Amazingly, after my last child, I was on my knees in front of the tub washing my daughter’s hair the same night I got home. I just find the human body SO amazing…and especially mine when it comes to giving birth. Of course, I’m not thrilled about the extra 25lbs…but what can I say? I guess it’s a fair trade, weight can be lost.

@all the men…this comment was not intended to serve as your free ticket to Wow, We Have It Way Worse Land. :)

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And so the controversey continues: “which is worse – getting lowblowed, or giving birth?” Well anyone with common sense knows that giving birth is NATURAL. Having your private area injured (kicked, kneed, punched, grabbed, etc) is an injury (not natural). Women cannot sense what a man feels when his groin is injured, since women do not have testicles. Also having injured testes can result into extreme aggonizing pain (obviously), teh inability to impreagnate a female, and TESTICULAR CANCER! I don’t recall the same side effects in regard to giving birth.

Before my conclusion, I will explain to you the functions of muscles. The first is to promote force to move joints (obvious), 2nd to maintain the body’s temp (98.6), and the final obligation of muscles are to PROTECT ORAGANS. Besidses the skin (the largest organ of the body), only the eyes and testicles (for males) are not protected. Just imagine when someone hits you in the kidney area. Can you imagine the pain you’d endure if they weren’t being protected?! So it is with the testicles (unprotected).

So it should be understood that giving birth is natural and a lowblow isn’t. I’ve never had my groin injured (the advantages of being a gentleman. It just doesn’t happen), so I couldn’t tell you. I’m obviously not a female who’s given birth, so I definately can’t tell you about that. BUT, My only suggestion for telling a female who’s curious of what it’s like to get kicked in the balls… Is to tell them “THAT WOULD BE LIKE YOU GETTING KICKED IN THE OVARIES!!!” After telling them that (check out the expression on her face. I’m sure it would be priceless), ask them which is worse, giving birth, or having your ovaries brutally kicked?!!!

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Almost forgot; childbirth wouldn’t be as painfull – as it is now – if adam and eve didn’t eat the forbidden fruit. You can thank eve for that one.

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@namtih…lol, last time I checked, the following were also “natural”:
aneurism, stroke, heart-attack, kidney stones, torn Achilles/ACL/etc., hernia, etc.

Thank goodness none of those hurt as much as a blow to the Go-Nads. :)

Giving birth was no problem for me personally and I’d choose a lowblow any day of the week. But I’d also probably rather get a kick in the groin 20 years from now when it’s time for a mammogram. Getting your boobs squashed isn’t exactly natural either. I’m having a little bit of trouble with your reasoning on this one…

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@occ: There are far more nerve endings exposed in the testes, not to mention that the birth canal is to some extent designed to allow a baby to pass through (not advocating intelligent design). Balls aren’t supposed to be kicked.

The balls is worse because a. There is no positive outcome (unless you are going to get a vasectomy) and b. You can’t be prepared for it, childbirth can be planned and they can do something for the pain.

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Ok. I understand this is an old question but I can’t believe no body mentioned this. Childbirth is supposed to be like a man passing an Orange out of his penis. Try that on for size boys.

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Bluemukaki- people have the misconception that the pain of childbirth is from squeezing an 8-pound baby through the vagina, or birth canal. Stretching the vagina is, I’m sure, quite painful – but the real pain of childbirth is from the dilation of the cervix, which separates the uterus from the vagina. The cervix is a tiny hole at the back of the vagina – smaller than the nostril on your nose – similar to the size of the male urethra on the penis. this teeny tiny hole has to go through contractions that stretch it out until it is larger than a babies’ head. AAAAHH! Seriously, seriously painful. And in terms of doing something for the pain – you’re right, if you have an epidural you barely feel anything. But I have a feeling whoever asked this meant the pain of natural childbirth versus the pain of getting kicked in the balls.

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samkusnetz said: “since the question is “what’s worse” and not “what hurts more”, the answer is definitely kicked in the balls. after you get kicked in the balls, all you have is pain. but after childbirth, you have a baby!”

haha! That’s EXACTLY why I say childbirth is worse.

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Ask a shemale!

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I’m with Perchik and Scamp; afraid we’ll never have a common frame of reference. I’ve experienced one, never want to again. It hurt.

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Well I think Kick in the balls is worse because if youv had a baby before youd may go “lets have another baby” But no1 on earth would go ” I think i`ll have another kick in the balls”

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Just because there’s a payoff, doesn’t mean the pain is less.
I wouldn’t ask for another splinter either, but the two just can’t compare.
Haha…I just called a baby a payoff.

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yes but the question is what is worse.

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Worse in pointlessness?
Or worse in general pain?

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Worse as in being that is being kicked in the balls is an unique pain like nothing else wheras childbirth is more like a tear or strain on the muscle also childbirth would apear worse as it lasts longer but getting kicked in the balls is more intense but doesnt last as long if it was to last as long as childbirth it would far surpass the pain of childbirth.

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I’d say that childbirth is a unique pain.
I wouldn’t write it off as just a tear or strain.
It’s a human being coming out of your body, for Christ’s sake.

As for one singular moment of intense pain,
my vote would probably be for passing a large kidney stone.

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good point on the kidney stones
but a man that has experienced kidney stones could then give an opinion on what is more painful (child birth or a kick in the balls) as i’m sure childbirth pretty similar (larger exit larger object smaller exit smaller object so close to the same ratio) so that would be closest way to get a good answer

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I’m pretty sure any guy that has passed a large kidney stone
would happily vote for another swift kick to the nuts.

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well i disagree

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You’ve passed a large kidney stone?

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namith: have you ever heard of vaginal tearing? These may require more than one surgery to fix as a result of childbirth. Can a kick in the nuts result in your death? Frankly, it may be more rare today, but it could still occur as a result to childbirth. So you catch a kick in downtown and one of your little guys twists up and dies off. At least you still have your life. Sometimes, women have to fight for their own lives as well as their child’s lives during Pregnancy, let alone some childbirth cases.

To others: They can do something for the pain….HAHAHAHA. Yea, they can do so much there. It really takes the edge off…There’s a pretty good argument that childbirth is more painful right there. If they offer you some pretty hefty drugs for it. Men, do you go to a doctor when you get kicked in the nuts and ask them to insert a foot long needle into your spine? I didn’t think so. And if your recovery is two hours, consider yourself lucky. And at least after that you can sit comfortably. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life and if my S.O. can safely say that he thinks childbirth would be a far worse experience bodily, I think you other guys could possibly see the light as well.

I can’t even handle how crazy this is. It’s safe to say I won’t be checking back here again.

P.S. Hermaphrodites are actually sterile, and are usually not 100% formed either way, so there would be no way for them to experience childbirth. Some of them aren’t even able to experience intercourse.

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well all above anwsers are unlogical, you guys need to research this on a Medical website. In terms of worse over pain, it would be, being kicked in the Groin. As for Medical Results show which is worse.

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Also, Its been said in some Medical notes that most guys can die if testicles are squeezed hard enouph for about 30 or more seconds. caueses can range from brain not being able to process the pain, can cause musles to lock up. explanation would be seeing a guy after being kicked in the sack, falling into a fetus position becuase of natural body defenses, thats what causes your body to lock up and not move. Body does so, so it can protect your groin from any more possible damage.

Besides your musles locking up to prevent movement, heart rate and breathing decreases, risking heart to stop, resulting in death.

The Male groin has Major Arteries, and many nerve endings. Reason why there are Major Arteries is because when a Male is excited Sexually, his Penus becomes filled with blood that causes it to rise and expand.

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cannot start a debate intill you have real medical proof and causes on your finds.

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Otherwis there Opinions and therefore based on no real truth. evey human’s pain Receptors are not 100% the same and therefore Varying from person to person on what will hurt the most.

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I can’t believe how silly this is of course child birth i far more painful.
In some parts of the world 1 in 5 woman die during child birth.
It shows how ungrateful some men are, they think all the pain their mothers have endured to give birth to them isn’t as bad as getting kicked in the balls. Men get kicked in the balls all the time and it’s just selfish to think that that is more painful than giving birth. Women are built with vagina’s that are able to give birth and protect against death whilst giving birth. If being kicked in the balls hurt that much men would have evolved with padded balls to protect against damage and they haven’t so it makes sense that it is less painful than giving birth

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WOW! I realize you men hurt for a little while when being hit in the testes. My guy said it feels like cramping in your back and stomache. Sure you have intense pain for a little while and I can say that their is no way to tell what “pain” is worse BUT I was in labor for 30 hours and pushing for 2 without drugs, I would never trade my experince for a fast kick in the testes but if I had to choose I would pick a kick in the testes because it is a shorter duration and almost ALL of the time men recover. Sure their is a risk but their ARE risks in everything we do. Most men have a lower tolerance for pain anyway. LOOK IT UP! and the reason most women want more children is because are bodies forget how bad it truely hurt, ask any women! sure we can say it hurt or it didnt but we can never explain it to you. Its are bodies way of reproducing. If a women could explain like a man can explain how a kick in the testes feel then we would not want to have more children!!!! IS ANYONE EDUCATED IN PSYCHOLOGY!!! CHRIST!!!!

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Are you serious?? being hit in the balls may hurt for a little while but I bet anything it wont last for 12 hours or more! That is the average time for a woman to be in labor. And let me ask you this, Does a man have to carry around a watermelon in his ball sack for 9 months? don’t think so! A child WILL kick you from the inside and it does get painful, talk about internal bruising! Not to mention all the nausea, sore breasts,back aches head aches and all those cravings. Besides that do you have a head coming out of a tiny hole in your body? When giving birth do bleed, most women tear or have to be cut down there for the child to come out. It hurts like hell and you can’t get any pain meds right away if you are going to take them. Its way more intense. You really want to find an expert opinion? Find a pregnant lady who’s about to give birth and some brain doctor to monitor the amount of pain the woman is in, for how long, and the same for you while you get a hard smack to the balls.

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I hear women say that passing a kidney stone is wrose than giving birth. I was doing a dirtbike stunt and ended up landing of a fire hydrant. I tore my spermatic cord for my right testicle. I ended up looseing that one. The pain also lasted for a long time as any contact with my balls ended up being very painful. I have also passed a kidney stone before. As for the most painful, the fire hydrant wins by far! So I would have to say that getting realy good kick in the balls is more painful than giving birth. Just imagine a rode being shoved into your ovary, thats what a kick in the balls would feel like.

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My friend came up with a pretty fun theory, but i dont agree with him.
he says “child birth can’t be that bad, cause once i did a really big poo.”

but i think child birth would probably be sorer. but more rewarding (:

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I would say a kick in the balls because when giving birth you get something out of it, the baby, where being kicked in the balls hard causes a lot of pain which can in some cases ruin the rest of your life and you don’t get anything out of it like in childbirth.


Without question, getting kicked in the balls. :(

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Since there is no way to objectively measure either experience, and because I don’t think there are people who have experienced both so there is not even any anectdotal evidence to compare, I don’t think there is any empirical way to arrive at an answer. I suspect that men will say a kick in the balls is more painful and that women would say that childbirth is more painful and that the women would probably be right, but that is just speculation.


@samkusnetz I agree with you 100 percent. When I got kicked in the balls, I felt nothing but constant, immeasurable pain. And yes, when a woman has a baby, it’s usually something she anticipates with excitement and happiness. Getting kicked in the balls is the last thing I would ever want!

The pain for you lasted only 1–2 hours? For me, it took about a 1 or 2 days before the pain and discomfort totally subsided.

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Okay, i’m just gonna end this, a kick in the balls is alot more painful, in different ways, i was hit in the balls by a air compressed canister, it hit me in the balls so hard, it ripped the skin open and the nerve endings where on display, and the slightest bit of wind put me on the floor being sick and in pain, not to mention my mate kicked me in the balls as i got up for a laugh, i passed out from the pain, went into a coma for a month, and i woke up STILL in pain, I think being hit in the balls hurt alot more, I’m infertile and i’m only 15, way to ruin my life, cheers.

Oh and not to mention, that was over a year ago, it still hurts to jog. :/

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So, ladies, you tell me whats worse? the joy of a family, or never being able to walk fast, and be in a pain coma for a month? hmm…

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Nobody asks to stop giving birth.. but guys are always pleading for someone to “Stop Breakin’ My Balls!” There’s even a song with that chorus on Napster & iTunes called “Simple Request (Stop Breakin’ My Balls).. by Jp Patrick It’s like a freakin’ anthem for endangered males.

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Ok, this is asking what’s worse under any circumstances. I for personal experience, haven’t given birth, and I’m sure it is more painful but I’d prefer giving birth thrice before getting kicked in the balls again. Seriously, this one girl in my college thought we were just a bunch of pussies and hit me with (I won’t mention the object, it is too painful). That, almost ripped my sack open. I had to hospitalized and treated with sedatives. I also lost my basketball scholarship. My reward? Nothing whatsoever. Giving birth gives you a great reward and it is always optional (thanks to abortions). Getting kicked in the balls usually isn’t. So, anyone out there who said that birth is worse think bout this: can birth (nowadays) destroy your life? Don’t think so.

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childbirth is way more painful, dont belive me? guys try pushing an child out of ur dick. when you get kicked in the balls you dont go to the doctors and ask for a needle in your spine do you? oh and you guys dont have to go through 10–36 hours of pushing risking you and your childs life do you now? ya im gonna go with childbirth is WAY more painful

~i tooks bits and pieces from some peoples comments so ya…~

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One word, Stitches! Ive never heard of a guy having to get stitches after been kicked in the balls…you know its very frequent for a woman to have to get stitches after childbirth…24 hour labour and stitches, giving birth is worse.

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Besides, the pain of getting kicked in the balls goes away within, what? A couple hours? We have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for our pelvis to go back to its pre-birth position. That’s no picnic. Wouldn’t change a second of my kid’s birth, though.

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As soon as they invent a machine that delivers kicks in the balls at gradually increasing intervals until its a nonstop thing and the pain doesn’t stop until its kicked so hard that it requires stitches… Then men can know what giving birth feels like. Worse by far than a single kick in the balls.

@joli Not quite sure who told you pregnancy doesn’t hurt. They’re wrong. Back pain, hemorrhoids, and all the other things that accompany it mean that pregnancy hurts.

@alvarosv “can birth (nowadays) destroy your life? Don’t think so.” It can indeed. It can also end your life. So… yeah.

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Giving birth. Straight sex is painful for a lot of girls, and I don’t notice many guys saying it’s painful. If sex is painful with that size of an object, I can’t imagine how horrible it would be to give birth. We watched this video in 7th grade health class and I never forgot it! Everything stretches out and I know this is supposed to be “natural” but it is just disgusting. Whoever designed the vagina (evolution, God) is an idiot.
Although a kick to the nuts is far worse than a kick in the vagina. Because all the nerves are on the inside so you’d have to kick fairly hard to have an impact.

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I know that this is a really, really old question, but I’d just like to inform you that when my sister gave birth three months ago, a.) the child’s head got stuck on the way out and b.) the opening of her vagina tore both backwards and forwards (meaning almost to her butt and past her urethra opening). I’m pretty sure that a kick in the balls does not equal getting a tear from your butt, past your balls, and past the slit in your penis. Just imagine that.

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i would say getting kicked in the balls because when the baby comes out it looks like the parent isnt hurt when their holding it but when you get kicked in the balls hard you would be on the ground for 2 to 10 minutes because the exact same pain stays with you andif you see a lady give birth she usally isnt crying for 5 minutes after the baby comes out

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@qazwsxedc Are you nuts? Recovery time for giving birth is in weeks, not minutes. Pain in recovery is for weeks, not minutes. Labor is for hours or days, not minutes. Immediately after the baby is born and a woman is distracted by meeting her child is not the best time to gauge a pain level for the whole process. Try to swallow a whole softball and then tell us that getting kicked in the balls is worse than moving something at least that size through an opening smaller than your mouth for a day and a half.

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For men it’s also emotional pain as well, child birth is rewarding, you get a child. Being kicked in the balls can make you infertile and ruin your life.


@ChrisBailey09 How very true. Great answer. There’s something in it for women, but for men, there’s not.

Welcome to Fluther, btw.

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I’d say that because no one can experience both of the pains that this question is never going to be answered exactly. I would say that both of the pains are the same, for both a girl and a boy, they both experience pain, but neither of the opposite gender is going to know how painful it is.

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I have ripped my hamstring off the bone, suffered for years with chronic earache, had pelvic inflammatory disease so bad that I was hospitilised for 2 weeks on the drip, I went through 17 hours of labour (without drugs) to be told that they were going to have to perform an emergency C section but all this pain cannot be compared to my labour of 7 hours whereby my baby got stuck only to be pulled out with forceps and a suction cap. No drugs just shear and indescrible pain…to the pioint where I remember actually saying out loud “let me die”, I can’t do this anymore, I then passed out, woke up moments later only to realise that it wasn’t a dream and the pain even more intense. It is like squeezing out a watermelon, you feel like you are being torn apart internally whilst having to endure people around you encouraging you to continue on with this procedure…In comparision I have seen my brother kicked in the balls, lay on the ground rolling around for a few minutes then get up laughing saying that was a good one you bloody idiot. How sweet it would be if you could recover that quickly from child birth…you really can not convince me that childbirth is less painful, just remember that childbirth pain was meant to be indescrible so woman could forget the pain to reproduce more offspring for our future…hopefully one of our beautiful baby boys will grow up and become a medical scientist and they will provide physical proof that childbirth is more painful by allowing you to squeeze a watermelon out from your penis splitting it from the inside out…ENJOY it my male friends cos you now our the father to a beautiful 9lb baby….aren’t you glad that you can’t remember this painful experience, you should be as happy as every mother is directly after childbirth…then you will just fall asleep letting those beautiful hormones go to work to produce some of natures best gifts ‘mothers milk’....hopefully you won’t experience the pain associated with mastitis…but I doubt it as most mothers do…

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Technically, a man’s body does release endorphins to compensate for pain just as a woman’s does during birth. On top of that, it’s not possible for a man to get a legitimate experience at giving birth, however if a woman were to let her ovaries drop out of her body (because they are the only part of a female’s body that has as many nerve endings as a testicle) and then be kicked in them I would imagine that she would find it a lot less pleasant than giving birth. Though the pain doesn’t always last for hours, or days, it can (though uncommon). When I was 6 I actually bruised one of my jewels and had to ice it for a week. It sucked. Plus, men have actually been knocked unconcious by a hit to the squishy nether-regions. Yes ladies… This is a challenge… and don’t bring pregnancy into this, because that’s not what this is about; strictly groin hits vs. birth.

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I was side kicked in the balls 2 time during a sparing session. The pain was so intense that I went into shock, unable to even move or speak, only shake. Once I came to my senses, I could still not move much at all other then to get out of the ring, just to walk was next to impossible. The damage left me with a deep and nasty bruise that covered my entire genitalia even to my inner thigh and toward the back. I couldn’t sit for 3 week with out experience excruciating pain. the pain did not subside quickly at all, in fact the pain only increased with time as the shock and adrenalin wore off. for 3 weeks it hurt to pee, it hurt to have an erection and it hurt just to walk. on a scale of pain, women giving birth is 50–100 del while men getting kicked in the nuts is over 9000 del of pain You would be hard pressed to find a single story of birth pain being so intense it sent a women into shock. Women just dont really understand and men with tiny little balls that have never dropped dot ‘t understand very often ether. Men like my self with large low hanging testicles often experience pain from having our ball hit the side of our thighs while running or jumping. women do often see teal cases of testicular damage ether, they are used to seeing less significant schoolyard violence. Any idiot can tell you the degree of pain experience depend on the intensity of the damage dealt. simply having my balls hit the side of my legs causes a shocking pain! so imagine being side kicked 2 times by a martial arts peer. you will never be able to experience that level of pain even through birth, because you simply do not have a set of nerves as sensitive and vulnerable as the male testicles, a plain scientific fact. Birth is only painful naturally for some women, but not all women experience birth pain naturally. Birth is usually only painful due to improper technique and perpetration. Today birth pains are dealt with using drugs, birth pains can be avoided with out drugs, and birth can actually be pleasurable if one is properly trained to give birth. It has been scientifically proven that damage to the testicle is significantly more painful then birth, and it can also eliminate and man chances of having his own children. If you had an education in the subject you would know that it is a scientific/ genetic fact that men have endured 2 times the evolutionary pressure then women have, thus science debunks any notion women suffer(ed) more, leaving women with millions of years in evolution to catch up to men

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well over the years doctors have done multiple test on this very subject to end the argument of what hurts more. during each test they moniter the nerve pulses through giving birth and a kick to the groin. each test on birth showed nerve impulses of 3 waves of pain which is equivelant to breaking near 20 bones. when the monitered kick to the groin every nerve ending was triggered with 6 waves of pain as of the pain of birth only resides in thus the abdimen and vagina. so stating that a nut shot is equivelant to having 160 babies and breaking 9 thousand bones. i hope this helps your question

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@unknown1997 – Welcome to Fluther! If someone makes references studies, we like them to provide a link (or links) to further information and citations on the research they mention. Thanks.

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