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Is it cruel to put clothes on cats?

Asked by tonedef (3935points) October 27th, 2008

I know that they don’t love it. But don’t we deserve a little fun for taking such good care of our cats? It can look totally ridiculous, but some cats really do have an exquisite sense of style.

An entire outfit might be extreme, but what about just one piece? Have you ever clothed your cat?

…and is it totally obvious that I’m just trying to get you to look at as many photos of cats in clothes as I can find?

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If the cat doesn’t love it then yes it is cruel. You might deserve a little fun for looking after the cat but that doesn’t give you the right to misstreat it.

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Does that opinion extend to children wearing what they hate, lightlyseared? :P

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@asmonet, you inspired a google adventure that led to this pot of gold.

But I’d agree… does annoying = cruel?

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Nah, I don’t think it’s cruel in the least. My cat at worst tolerates it. If she was thrashing and hissing because of a hat she had on maybe I’d consider it cruel. But it causes no real discomfort so how can it be ‘cruel’?

I heart baby cages and scrubs.

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WHOA! What a coincidence! This just showed up on my feed reader! I love you, Nintendo!

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Maybe it is ok if the cat is cold?

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If kitty allows you to do it, more power to you.

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I bought silly little Halloween hats for my cats. I’ll put them on long enough to take pictures. My poofy took one swipe with her paw and it was off her head anyway… so I don’t think so.

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I don’t think they enjoy it as much as we do. Our cats try to disembowel me every time I pick them up; I can’t even imagine what they’d do if I tried to dress them.

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depends on the puddy cat. one of mone would love it; the other would be too pissed off.

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This cat doesn’t look too displeased. She’s just chillin’ being all super kawaii.

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@asmonet: YESSSSSSS!

cat fashion overload!!!!

And, each letter of overload is a different outfit.

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Holy god. Tonedef. I think I love you.

Spideycat and BikerCat FTW!

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Those all came from here. This woman is responsible for all the costumes in the cat fashion show in Anchorman. She is so gifted.

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Dude, just flip Spideycat 45 degrees clockwise
and it’d look like he was scaling a wall.

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@Nimis: Done, wallpapered.

And of course I find the cat I was actually looking for after the fact.

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if it were cruel, then websites like would never exists, or maybe because it is cruel that site is so popular? Regardless, stuff on cats+photos of aforementioned stuff on cats= Awesome.

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I honestly think it’s cruel and humiliating for the cat. It knows something is wrong and usually they look really upset.

People need to learn to respect animals more. They are not meant to be our entertainment.

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@green: I think you’re projecting. How do they look upset, hm?

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It depends on the outfit…you could say me doing this to my cat would be cruel, but putting a sweater that kept him warm as not ;)

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Depends on how finiky your cat is about fashion I suppose.

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depends on the cat, My Abbysinian loves to have a dry washcloth or t-shirt over her when she sleeps(she has also worn a velvet cape and a scrunchie collar- which she did not want disturbed. But,my “Ragdoll” cat just panics, so I don’t do it to her.

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When I was a very little girl, I put a doll dress on my cat and took her for a ride in a baby buggy. I seem to remember the dress being a bit tight. My kitty leapt out of the buggy and I never saw her again. I’ve never tried a stunt like that since…and, I’ve wondered from time to time whether that poor kitty was able to get the dang thing off.

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