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Cat people! Cat Acne: Purrrfect solutions?

Asked by tonedef (3935points) October 27th, 2008

I adopted a himalayan, and I’ve found that she had many more health needs than my tabby. Just one of those is the matter of her feline acne. It is really gross.

Besides washing her chin, which I do weekly, is there any other kind of maintenance that I can do to prevent this? It really bothers her when I try to clean it out of her fur with a flea comb. She sometimes lets me run the slicker brush down her chin, which cleans it off.

I read that you can swab the chin with alcohol every few days, but this seems… dicey. Will it piss my cat off even more than the flea comb?

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Make sure all of your food bowls are glass or ceramic (it’s sometimes associated with a contact dermatitis related to plastics). You can use a Retin-A wipe, it will help quite a bit. But it’s most likely going to be a chronic issue.

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@syz: Aren’t feline skin problems often due to food allergies?

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Everything I read online alludes to benzoyl peroxide shampoo. What is this, and where can I purchase it?

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Food allergies are a possibility, but they’re not really the first thing that you think of. They also tend to express themselves much more dramatically than as acne.

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I know that skin irritation is a common sign of acne, with scratching and flaking, but that is not this. This cat most definitely has some mean acne. It is so gross.

She has metal food/water bowls (frequently cleaned), and I’ve tried lots of different foods.

I’m thinking that this is partially my fault, as she absolutely LOVES olive oil. I think that, when she laps it up, it gets stuck in her “beard”, causing these breakouts. Which sucks. She loves the stuff.

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Use Stridex pads on her chin. That cleared up our cat’s chin acne in 2 days. Now we have to do something about her attitude.

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@kanarinka: Really?! Just a little Stridex astringent pad? Did she protest much? Does it sting?

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Cats can get pimples?!

I’ve had cats since I was four. How did that tidbit escape me?

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She didn’t protest much and it didn’t seem to hurt her at all. Our vet recommended the Stridex btw. He also said to get rid if any plastic dishes she was using. We did all that and it never came back.

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