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What do you do when Friends/coworkers take fries/onion rings etc. without asking?

Asked by windex (2932points) October 27th, 2008

You are eating, then someone you know walks by (sitting by you..) just takes a couple of fries and/or some of the food you are eating WITHOUT asking, and after he/she puts it in his/her mouth, he/she makes that stupid (heh…I hope that is OK awkward smile) face…
How do you handle this situation? do you do it yourself?
Am I making a big deal out of this?
It’s not my fault that I HATE people digging through/touching my food.
If they ask me, I’d be more than glad to share my food.
But ASK first..

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Wow. You have some rude co-workers. Just tell them “Please don’t do that.” when they come close to you about to stick their hands in your food.

That’s ridiculous.

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How about being direct and to the point?

“Don’t touch my food. I don’t want your skanky germs.”

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Stab them with a fork.

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“Oh no! How did that ketchup get all over your shirt…wow that really sucks…that’s really weird how that always happens when you eat my food.”

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Don’t be a wimp! Get out your bazooka and blow ‘em away!

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Nice solution: Order extra, ‘communal’ fries.

“I’m having a bad day” solution: Cover an extra order with Dave’s Insanity Sauce and watch them cry tears of pain.

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What are you, an only child?! People borrowing your food is adorable. Learn how to share.

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Maybe the problem isn’t people borrowing your food,
but people you don’t particularly care for borrowing your food?

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Adorable? Really?

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Adorable people taking your food—> more adorable.
Annoying people taking your food—> more annoying.
Clearly they are not passing your onion rings/fries test.

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You stab them.

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Well, I offer them more, now that I know they want some… It is rude, though, and I don’t take without asking. I just don’t make a big deal out of it when other people do. And if it’s someone I really don’t want touching my food, I’ll just surrender the rest to them. Again, without having a fit about it.

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I growl and smack their hands. But they already think I’m strange.

But I’m having a one problem with a Korean intern at work right now who just plain doesn’t get it, she eats my food and takes sips from my drinks if they’re left unattended, I then throw them out. I don’t know her. She started doing this on her second day, when she didn’t even know my name. Apparently it’s cultural sice all of our Korean interns (twenty or so) do this in all the departments. Now I just say, “No, this is mine, I don’t eat your food and I won’t if you leave it here. Please do not take my food. I don’t like it.”

She seems to have stopped…then again I only found out about it when I caught her.

An offer to share chips with a coworker for example is a singular event and should not be taken as a standing offer unless your relationship outside of the office indicates you can.

My managers eat my food too. Gross.

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I smack their hand before it gets close enough to even take a fry and then pretend your talking to a little kid and just say “NO!”

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If I had my way, they’d take back their hand minus a few digits.

The only person I “sample” from is my spouse, and that’s generally after asking.

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Bite a huge chunk out of their sandwich and give them the same smile. “I hope that’s okay.”

I don’t like sharing.

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Make a grand display of licking all your fries beforehand?

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@Nimis: That won’t always work, I SPAT on my fries to make a point and she still ate it.


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I looked like this for about six hours.

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Walk over to her desk and grab something out of her purse ,or his wallet (preferrably money or a credit card) then say: “I hope that’s ok.” Then call the place where you got your lunch and order more fries/ onion rings, etc. Maybe then they will get the idea that it’s not ok to take your food.

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I agree with stabbing them with a fork, seriously. Even a missed jab gets your point across. Trust me.

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I know! Let’s combine ideas! Stab their wallet with a fork! ha ha!!

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sounds good to me!

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I do nothing, but it’s par for the course working in the restaurant business. If you’re eating fries or something along those lines, they’re fair game. Servers are always hungry.

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Men at work…

Sorry, that’s actor Keith David- funny, manic guy.

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@AlenaD Not me… I saw Waiting, Ha ha!!

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I would make a little sign (white paper and crayons would work.) It should say “DON’T TOUCH MY FOOD”. Make sure you put a little smiley face too. Put it in a little stand thingy for pictures and always put it out while you are eating.

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@knotmyday: My mom went to school with him, he’s a cool dude. :)

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I assume they’re socialists redistributing the wealth…and my fries.

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if i’m out with people i know i don’t expect them to touch my food, although, if they did i wouldn’t say anything. (someone told me once that if your friends take your food it shows they’re comfortable with you, and should be taken as a compliment). however, if my coworkers came by and touched it i would probably say something jokingly, and in the future, put the food where it was not easily accessible to their hands.

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I would look at them in shock and horror, and say, “I beg your pardon?”

Then I’d probably slide the rest of the fries or onion rings over towards them, to get the point across.

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I just found the perfect solution!

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reminds me of that scene in Minority Report

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I don’t care about the fries. Help yourself, people. But if I have onion rings and someone tries to take one (and they’re not my mother), you’d better have a gun on you, because God himself won’t be able to save you from my wrath. Do… not… TOUCH… the rings. Ever! The same goes with any candy I may have with peanut butter in it. Touch it and you may never touch anything else ever again.

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@scamp — perfect! Much lurve for the great forwardable.
@cwilbur — great — especially if you can do the eyebrow thing too. If that doesn’t work, you can either throw up on them or throw the food in the trash and say, “Help yourself!”
@autumn43: I love little signs. Instead of a smiley face, I’d add a skull-crossbones “poison” symbol or the words, “It’s MEDICATED!”
@Nimis — Yes. I Like spray bottles for instant feedback and aversion training. Put Tabasco sauce in it and fire for effect.

Alternatively, you can smile, give the thief the fries, and hold out your hand and say, “That’s $2.67, including tax, and a dollar tip for the delivery.”

Or bring broccoli for lunch. Nobody steals your broccoli.

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@Sorceren thanks! (takes a bow)

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I take out my little friend, the AK-47 peacemaker. But then, I am a US postal worker.

Just kidding, just kidding.

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