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Why does my toilet whistle when it is flushed?

Asked by autumn43 (5282points) October 27th, 2008

After you flush it – there is a whistling (high pitched) sound that continues until it finishes filling the tank. I guess it could be a FRESH toilet that likes to whistle at the ends that place themselves upon it – but even so – it’s annoying! Especially when someone uses it in the middle of the night!

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Is the valve on the inlet open all the way?

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Mine did that too, long before I found fluther, so copy pasted from yahoo answers:

A couple of things.
1. The toilet is probably running because the rubber stopper known as the flapper is worn out and needs to be replaced. Simple job.
Also sometimes the seat where the flapper seals the tank gets warn and may also need replaced. Little more difficult but not bad. If you end up going that far I found a different type of a flushing devise that actually works better than the standard flush valve. It’s cone shaped and the cone seals against a large rubber washer.
2. I’m guessing this is an older house. Most newer homes have limiters on the water supply to prevent the scalding problem your talking about. All that it takes to fix that is a small brass washer with a very small hole to limit the water flow into the toilet. The toilet will fill slower but you won’t burn your skin off if someone flushes. The problem is the water pressure for the cold water is dropping when the toilet starts to run. Limit the pressure to the toilet and the pressure to the other stuff won’t drop so badly.
3. The whistling is the water going through the ballcock. Sounds like it’s old too and could be replaced. Replace it and the sound will go away is my guess. Again not a hard job but messy if your not careful, have a few towels with you.

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it thinks your butt is cute

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Yeah Judi – that’s what I thought- but it whisles at everyone’s!

Jholler – I’ll check that.

asmonet – thanks for that – and it sounds like a ballcock problem…I should send my husband to Home Depot and let him tell them that. LOL!

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I think your toilet is very happy because you keep it so clean. Since it doesn’t have any vocal cords and can’t speak to you, it would rather whistle and imagine a smile on your face. And like Judi said, it’s checking out your cute tush!

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that’s why I said it was fresh! :0)

I just put a new toilet seat on it and this is the thanks I get?

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Mine plays the intro to the Andy Griffith Show, but I did that on purpose.

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Update! jholler – I twisted and tightened the valve on the pipe that goes into the toilet and lo and behold – no more whistling!

Thanks so much!

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welcome! Making sure the connection is tight is key…I have all new floors now because mine wasn’t.

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Yikes! But now that you mention it…I wonder if that is why there is a stain on the bathroom ceiling below! Oh man…it’s always something!

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