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What is manufacturer/model of the HDD in the new MacBook Pro?

Asked by sumul (360points) October 27th, 2008

I can’t find any details about the hard drives in the new MacBook Pros (other than SATA, 250GB or 320GB, 5400-rpm or 7200-rpm). I asked an Apple Expert via the live chat on the online Apple Store, but he didn’t have any information.

If you know the manufacturer or model number of the hard drives that Apple uses in the new MacBook Pro, please let me know.

If you have a new MacBook Pro, you can find the model number by launching System Profiler and selecting Serial-ATA in the left column. The model number will be a string of letters and numbers next to the word “Model:”.


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I can check it at the demo macs at work tomorrow, but i guess someone will give you the answer by then…

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usually it’s a Hitachi though, i can check too if you want too, but my bet is Hitachi

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mine is fujitsu. I have the original MacBook with upgraded 80gb harddrive from a Premium Reseller.

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Live Chat? Link me please :).

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1. Visit
2. Select any product (chat doesn’t seem to be available on the main page or help page)
3. Wait about five seconds after the page is fully loaded
4. You’ll see a chat icon as shown here:


@wilhel1812: Thanks! My previous generation MacBook has a Fujitsu too. I’m wondering about newest generation MacBook Pros though. My iMac has a Seagate, so it might be different.

@iwamoto: If you have a new MacBook Pro, I’d really appreciate it (you’ll get a “Great Answer” and everything).

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Oh thanks! I didn’t know that.

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well, i have an “old” pro (yes, 2 months is considered old all of the sudden) that has a Hitachi, since a pro is a pro…oh wait, look what i found on there we go :D

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I checked, it’s a Hitachi :)

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we did a fine job together :)

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