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Does going to the washroom alot through out the day make you lose weight?

Asked by curioscamel (81points) October 27th, 2008

just wondering

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No. It’s water, and it will come back. Maybe the walking back and forth might help though…

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If it’s suitably far from where you started out, and you walk briskly, you can burn 238 calories per hour. That’s a lot of bathroom breaks, though.

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Potentially. With lots of laxitives and BMs. Flush that food right on thru you before your body has a chance to absorb anything from it….

You can also lose weight w/ urination…if your weight gain is from water retention. W/ diuretics you can lose the weight.

I also like Laureth’s suggestion. Exercise via potty breaks.

However, in general, without these extreme examples, the answer is no….

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if you drink a ton of water, relieve yourself.. yes. But as soon as you take another drink of water, it’ll be back.

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If the washroom is 2 or 3 miles away, sure.

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I think you are questioning this because people who have the flu tend to lose a lot of fluids and thus weight during the time they are ill. They gain it all back once they recover. You replenish lost fluids constantly so unless you were making a long trek of it – 3 to 4 miles one way – to the restroom you would not see a significant loss in weight.

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