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Do you sometimes have the urge to say goodnight to Fluther and everyone on it?

Asked by asmonet (21415points) October 27th, 2008

When I’m posting on everything and having six billion conversations at once on separate threads…. I do. Do you?

P.S. Goodnight, Fluther.

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Gail actually says “goodnight” to us on threads sometimes. I find it quite endearing.

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I’ve been resisting doing it, for basically a week. I hadn’t noticed hers. Maybe I’ll start. :)

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I think it’s cute. Why not anyway, right? Goodnight, my dear! :)

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if i did it, i would have to say goodnight like 30 times. i keep telling myself i’m done fluthering, and then poof, somehow i find my way back to this site again and again…

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Ok, good night, my husband is afraid I’m addicted to fluther. He’s already asleep, waiting for me.

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Nope… I just fall asleep!! LOL….

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‘Night all.

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Every damn night. Keep reminding myself “This is not a chatroom.”

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lol, i’m right there with you, chica. I was going to quit over an hour ago. I’m waiting for the night that i look up and see the sun rising while my alarm clock tells me that it is time to go to work.

So, I guess I might as well preemptively say, “good morning”

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still lurking

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I especially feel this urge when in a “back and forth” kind of thread. It actually feels rude to me to leave without saying goodnight! I just grit my teeth and do it, usually.

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me too, judi. im worried about us.

@auguslan: thats when i feel it the most!

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ok, it’s been almost 45 minutes and now i really have to go to bed.
pretty soon

i saw judi typing a few minutes ago on another thread, so she didn’t go anywhere either, ha.

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had to put those fear mongers in their place!

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Goodnight to fluther and everyone on it.
There. Now I feel better.

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Yes. Good night all!

Maybe if I say it I’ll go to sleep soon.

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Good night moon.

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I do, sometimes.

Good morning, everyone.

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@andrew: Your avatar changed!

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Good afternoon Fluther and everyone on it! I didn’t see this until the next day obviously!

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Good morning! And in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

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and good luck.

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That was a pretty funny movie! Good Luck Chuck

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Good night, Fluther.
Replying to this thread makes it all officials-like.

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