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How much does it cost to get a license in CA?

Asked by Trustinglife (6663points) October 28th, 2008

I’d like to know approximate costs for getting a driver’s license, a CA license plate, and smog tested. I recently moved to California from Oregon.

(I have insurance. Am I missing anything else?)

I imagine it would take a bunch of research to find out costs for each piece. I am asking here not only out of laziness, but because I imagine one of you might have done it recently and have some ideas for me. Thanks!

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I paid around $120 dollars to register my 99 Subaru and get CA plates. Remember: you are supposed to get your license 10 days after moving to CA. The test is super easy and only takes ten minutes. Do this ASAP or you risk getting your car impounded.
For registration you also have to get your car inspected by the DMV. This is in addition to the smog test.
If you live in a populated area I suggest going slightly out of town to the closest DMV.
P.S. Welcome to California.

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@B, I didn’t get your suggestion about going slightly out of town. Why would I do that?
(I live in San Rafael, outside SF.)

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