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Would you like to help my animal rescue group again? :)

Asked by girlofscience (7553points) October 28th, 2008

I figured I’d try posting here again because all of you were so supportive with the last effort that, unfortunately, failed.

Some of you may remember this post. That contest was canceled because of the poor set-up and the extreme cheating of many organizations.

However, there is now another contest that is much more regulated, and cheating is a lot more difficult. This contest has been going on for a few weeks now, and nothing crazy has happened, so I am much more confident in this one and willing to ask you all for your efforts again.

Here goes:

I am a volunteer with Independent Animal Rescue in Durham, NC.

We are participating in a contest sponsored by Care2, which will be awarding a donation of $10,000 to America’s Favorite Animal Organization. Voting ends on November 1, and we are currently doing great, but we need to make sure that we have a substantial lead so that other groups don’t surpass us in the last few days! This $10,000 would really be put to great use by our organization, so please take a minute to help us out.

Just go here to vote:

It’s quick, free, and as long as you uncheck the box, you won’t be signed up for any mailing list!

About Us:
Independent Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer organization in Durham, NC, that helps animals in need through a variety of service programs. We promote spay/neuter for all companion animals, provide foster homes for abused/unwanted animals until they are adopted, work with ferals in the area, and take steps to prevent overpopulation of unwanted animals (trap/neuter/return). IAR volunteers are truly improving the quality of life for hundreds of animals in the triangle area of NC. We regularly have bake sales, auctions, and other fundraisers, but our expenses still far exceed the money we bring in. All members of IAR are completely unpaid, so 100% of the $10,000 prize would go toward animal care (spay/neuter/medication/surgery).

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help.

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This site is blocked at my workplace but I’ll be sure to vote tonight at home.

Good luck!

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Thanks, guys!

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I’m headed there right now. You’ve got my support!!

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Of course! :)

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Done, 6704 votes so far. What is the ranking now?

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@boxing: We’re in first place!! We just want to make sure it is solidified so other groups don’t surpass us during these last few days!

Rankings available here:

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done and done.

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Good luck GOS!!

Can we vote more than once? I can’t find that.

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@Bri_L: Nope, you can’t vote more than once, thankfully!!! I’m so glad because it prevents everyone from cheating like crazy with what happened in the last contest.

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@all: You’re great!

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Weeeee first place! I see they doubled the prize too.. awesome!

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Done (where do I get my red sticker?)

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I am wearing a fur ribbon on my jacket to show my support.

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6969 voted.
Hope you win!

Do i get a prize for my voter number?

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Done! Feel free to let us know in the future as well!

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Done too, now 7054 votes. and I emailed the link to some friends and family, including in Australia

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@Tantigirl: WOW, thank you for spreading the word!!! I wish I could give you more lurve. <3

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done; 7227

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I will but I’m in Australia so I don’t have a zip-code, anyone wanna just tell me one to use?

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A town near mine.

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Thanks so much Eambos, I’ve voted now!

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The more the merrier!

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Done, do we get animals named after us or anything cool like that?

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done! Anything to help our animal friends!! :)

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Looks like you guys have a 3000 vote lead going into the last day of voting!
Good Luck!

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Hooray, I think you won!!!

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~ When do we get our cut? : )

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Voting is now over, and it looks like we have won with a substantial lead.

The official winners will be announced on December 8 because Care2 is going to go through all of the votes and count only one vote per IP address (for people who may have turned off their cookies to vote multiple times) and only one vote per name (for people who have may accidentally voted twice on different computers). So, it’s likely that everyone will be affected relatively equally by this readjustment, and as long as we didn’t have people purposely cheating and voting thousands of times, it looks pretty good for us!

Thanks again! I’ll be sure to let you know! :)

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I just got the email.

The votes are in, and America’s Favorite Animal Shelter is: Independent Animal Rescue, Inc. of Durham, NC!

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Thanks everyone!

It became official today. We are EXTREMELY thrilled, and we have so many of you to thank! This $10,000 will be put to great use and improve the lives of so many of our animals.

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Whoo-hoo! Congrats : )

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Have been away for a while. Congratulations gos!

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You won!? that’s fantastic!!

There is a shelter contest on Zootoo where they do a million dollar shelter make over. The first winner was one our groups here in St Louis. My local no kill shelter is my chosen shelter but they aren’t even involved at all. I even dropped off a letter explaining the contest hoping they would get on the ball and register with the site so we could start promoting. sigh I guess they either don’t have time or an interest.

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