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How much privacy do you need online?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) October 28th, 2008

What will you share and who will you share it with? What you do? Where you live? Stories about family members? Your web page? Your private email address? Your phone number? Your real address?

What makes you feel the internet is a place you have to be very cautious about, or it is a place you don’t really have to worry about?

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I am kinda freakish about my privacy. To the point of sometimes offending people (on sites like this…).

Ultimately, I think that privacy on the internet is an illusion. If someone or some entity is determined, they can break through whatever barrier you put in place.

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I’ve told various people & websites…. my name, age, gender, city, employer, and website.

I have a spam-ridden email address that I use for places like Fluther, Askville, and Usenet. I check it maybe once a month. I never give out my “real” email address.

I never give out my phone number nor address. Though, seeing as my resumé is online, with all the other information I’ve provided, those are probably not difficult to find.

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I don’t mind sharing information with people.

The only kind of privacy I need online is clean results showing up when my name is searched for. I don’t mind sharing my full name with anyone, but I would not post it in a thread, for instance, because I don’t want my fluther account coming up when my name is searched for.

I really prefer that only professional references to my name appear when it is googled. It is common in my field to google researchers, and I’d prefer that google turns up my papers and conference presentations rather than my post on Fluther about my favorite movie.

To answer your question, the internet is a place I don’t really have to worry about. Everyone in my field has all of their information online: office phone number, school address, and obviously full name and location. If it’s okay for us, why wouldn’t it be for everyone else?

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I dont mind sharing information with people online, though ive never told anyone my phone number or real address since there was never really a reason to.

As far as cautious or not caring goes, i guess it depends on where im sharing the information. Most websites i am very reluctant to tell anything. Where as fluther ill share whatever and in fluthers chat, well thats fair game for just about anything. I guess its because i feel like i “know” the users i talk to in chat so they hopefully wont turn out to be crazy stalkers that show up at my door one day iwamoto might though, i think hes in love with me ;)

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Wouldn’t share my whole name, my phone #, or my actual address. First name and general location is about all I would share.

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I’ll share anecdotes so long as it doesn’t have a location or name attached. Home address, work place, phone numbers are off- limits.

@Uberbatman: I’m with you.

@Augustlan: It’d be nice if my first name wasn’t the only one in the US. Then maybe I could go that route. :-P

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Now totally wondering what your first name is!

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I’m pretty much an open book. It doesn’t bother me. Most ppl are scared of me anyway…plus I have 5 killer dogs at home.

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@Augustlan: It’s me, a football related celebrity shares my name, sort of, a corporation and a persian singer.

That’s all the hints you get. :)

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WTG, girlofscience. I don’t know why mine isn’t on there.

That got me curious… It looks like I was misinformed they’re actually Serbian. Never trust someone just telling you, lesson learned.

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@uberbatman don’t forget about me, ha ha!! I might want to buy a fishy from you, remember? J/K.

I don’t share much personal info in the open where just anyone can see. If it’s someone I feel comfortable with, I may give my name and general area.

I have met a few online friends, and so far it’s been safe and fun, but I met them in public places until I felt I could give my address to them.

I have a dear friend in Oregon who I have never met, but she and I know as much about each other as if we were next door neighbors. We haven’t met yet because she stays at home caring for her elderly Father, but one day I will fly out to meet her.

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I don’t share too much personal information. I have been surprised actually at how many people have willingly given me their own personal info. I have gotten names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

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@scamp aww you were J/K i was looking forward to that day :(

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It’s kind of creepy when someone tracks you down by the information you have posted online, and she turns out to be a convicted stalker, looking for someone to blame. I use a screen name to minimize it.

Here on Fluther, I’ve seen other jellies following users around and making comments on several different questions, so there isn’t really any expectation of privacy here.

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Online privacy is my new fave oxymoron.

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@YARNLADY Thanks. I hoped someone would get it.

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