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Pet-icure... Does it work?

Asked by skabeep (927points) October 28th, 2008 from iPhone

has anyone else seen that dog nail trimmer that looks like a dremmel tool on tv? If so have you tried it?

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There’s actual been a question about nail cutting and those were recommended a couple of times. I’m worried my dog would be afraid of it because she’s real jumpy.

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My aunt got one and I saw her use it on the chihuahua. That dog is uber active and staying still for something like that is not gonna happen. Plus, she hates getting her nails done. I saw the first use and my aunt had to do Bella’s feet one at a time. Like one now, one a bit later when the dog was chill again, one after that… you get the idea. But it did work very well, didn’t hurt the dog, and once she gets used to it will probably be awesome. She’s just very small and apparently her nails have been mishandled more than properly handled so she doesn’t like people messing with them.

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my dogs are all labs and they are very calm and trusting. I doubt they would be upset about it. I may have to try it out

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Here is a similar question….

….and a link to another

Personally, I just use the regular nail clippers….with dog treats at the completion as a reward.

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i just bought one. have yet to try it. i don’t think i can use it for all my dogs, due to the noise it makes. my low-key dogs will be fine. will let you know!

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@deaddolly….I wonder if you could desensitize your dogs to the sound, over a period of time, by turning the thing on for a bit, letting them check it out and then giving them a tiny treat? It might take several rounds of that….but, maybe?

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that’s what ur supposed to do, but with 5 dogs—not gonna be easy. My littlest one will try to eat it, one will run away, one will bark non-stop, one will growl at the other dogs and the only one who’ll lay there and deal with it is my Golden…
I can’t wait.

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I doubt it would be helpful for many people. I think the old fashioned clipping would be quicker and easier. I think the vibrations and buzzing noise would be more than a dog would sit still for. Imagine someone tickling your nails for a few minutes each.

The idea sounds good, but I just can’t see many dogs sitting still for it.

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