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what are the strangest names you have ever come across?

Asked by bybvibe93 (232points) August 18th, 2007 from iPhone

(people, pets, places, etc..)

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On Cbs's pirate master, there's a guy named Azmyth, (love that name).

I had a friend who name their dog Insert Name Here (thats what they would register it as at the vet and stuff) and they called it Mozart.

There was a Road street in my hometown.

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My family is Cajun so they had pretty strange names. These are just a few. My great grandmothers name was Celeman pronounced silly man. Her grandmothers name was Nastize. I had a great grandfather named Philocles.

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I heard a funny story by Kevin Nealon of SNL fame, he said on one of the late night show long ago, he kept hearing the word "Nacho .....Nacho....Nacho" he assumed it was a vendor, until he saw someone actually looking for their dog. LOL

One famous person, I cant remember who, but they named their son or daughter Pilot Inspector or Inspector Pilot.

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Call me shallow, but the last name Lipschitz always makes me chuckle.

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i think my name is very strange since i have never heard of anyone else named mirza and no one seems to know how to pronounce it

also one of our neighbour is named cole kutz

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Honestly, my second cousin's maiden name is Smelley. She married a wonderful guy, but unfortunately.....his last name, which she took.....was Penix. So, after her marriage, she became a Smelly-Penix. She even hyphenated the two names and used both of them. Wow...I still think that is impressive!

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No joke... a dentist named Dr. Smoker (Albuquerque), an orthodontist named Dr. Hurt (Albuquerque), and a Taos urologist named Dr. Cockburn.

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My dentist when I was a kid was Dr. lie

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I met a guy who sold prosthetics whose name was Dr. Stubbs.

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I forgot to add one more, my mom's cousin's name is Ima Payne.

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I used to work in a hospital with a nurse named Sharon Seaman.

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Worked for a guy named Dave Boner. Have great aunts named Elva and LaRue (also from Louisiana).

My uncle named a cat D-Con.

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I went to high school with Wendy Meadows and went to college with London Bridge.

Dated a woman who was Cinnamon Fosbinder. She was not a stripper.

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Met a dude in the Navy with the last name Samples. He was a seaman.

Seaman Samples.


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A friend in high school knew a guy whose name was Frikes Polikes (pronounced Freak-us Pole-ee-kus). His sister's name was Groovy Nipples. No joke. Maybe their parents did a lot of drugs?

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wow! I have a kid in my class named Ai prounced i. He was hard to tell on.

Teacher: alright, who did it.

Student: Ai did it!

And I knew a guy named timber wolf and another named mike roch. I also saw a couch store on vacation called sofa king! If you dont understand the last one say it really fast, then you will get it.

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oh, and I my dads friend had a dog named dog

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o i named by nemo fish - emo

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In high school I know a guy named Emanuel Blow (pronounced a man you'll blow)

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My mom taught school in Dallas in the 70s and had a student named Syphilis - pronounced Suh-feel-Yus. No joke. Poor girl.

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The Mayor of Austin is named Will Wynn! I would hate to run against him!

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Back to strange names, my two grandfathers first names were Mancil and Tillman. My folks always joked that they should have named me Mancil Tillman M_____. Not Funny.

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not sure how it’s spelled, but pronounced ‘Snopsidot’

and the twins, Jack and Jill (not strange, per se, but interesting name choice)

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Ick Himoff, Sukh MahWong, Moon Unit and Dwiesel Zappa (Frank Zappa’s kids), Snilp (from my brother’s favorite kid’s book), my cousins named their dog D-O-G (pronounced dee-oh-gee), Luqueah Cohen, and a street named Ho Hum Hollow.

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Urologist named Dr. Dick Tapper and I saw a sign for a guy named Dick Biggalow. I know some girls named zaia ( pronouced z I uh), radha, and meara. I named my beta fish slayer. I used to have a dog named Canuck, since I’m half canadian.

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I knew a girl in grade school, her name was Mona Little. We’d get new kids to ask her her name, and when she answered, we’d all moan a little!

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