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Favorite comfort food?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7790points) October 28th, 2008

it’s that time of year! i’m thinking oxtail stew right about now. what do you like to eat on a cool autumn night? always makes for great leftovers. hey, who does leftovers any more?

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Cold pizza

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Grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup.

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My wife’s homemade macaroni and cheese.


The old fashioned turkey pot pie (with biscuits on top) from the farm I work at.

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Chili and cornbread

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Hmmm its pretty hard to beat grilled cheese, but a good cream of potato soup(with bacon on top,everything is better with bacon) comes close in my book

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Toast with Earth Balance.

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Biscuits & gravy, homefried potatoes and tofu scramble makes me feel the best!

I’d say pizza is a close second.

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a Hostess Cherry Pie. Just had one for dinner and it made my horrible, horrible day a bit better.

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Steak n Shake!
Allllways wonderful. & brings back such good memories. :)

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I like white beans with ham in them, turnip greens and cornbread. Or some cornbread crumbled up in a glass of buttermilk is good.

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Long time favorite, Buttermilk Fried Chicken. New favorites, Pinot Braised Beef Shanks and Whiskey-Marmalade Glazed Corned Beef
@dd Sorry you’ve had a sucky day.

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Rich, chocolatey brownies with caramel swirled through them…I might have to make them tonight!

Also, my friend found a recipe for homemade Oreos, another favorite comfort food :)
Recipe for Homemade Oreos:

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@soapchef thanks…Tuesday’s are always crappy. Pay day = when our employees come in. They are all fucking insane.

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Southern Fried Chicken and Ice Tea not sweet.

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Fall comfort foods:
Mesquite-grilled steak chili with jalapeƱo cornbread was last night. Also:

Shepherd’s Pie or Cottage Pie
Smoked turkey
Chicken pot pie with buttermilk dumplings
Beans on toast (Heinz beans, toasted wheat bread, fried egg on top)
Corn chowder

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Secret indulgence food: sugary breakfast cereal.

Comforting foods: mom’s pot roast, grandma’s split pea soup with dumplings, my famous pasta.

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this post is making me hungry.

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I’m so excited about the change of seasons! It means baking for me! Crisps and muffins and shortbread and cookies and winter pie. I love winter pie. It’s full of rich, wintery goodness.

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Lamb shanks in a very long braise of red wine and a chiffonade of carrots, onions, garlic, celery, bay, and thyme.
Plain boiled potatoes. Very floury and hot.
With about eight friends.
With lights on the table when it’s dark and blustery outside.
And the good dog waiting for bones under the table.
And sad, lonesome music playing, to remind us that none of us really are lonesome – we’re all eating another creature together. MMM, primitive.

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fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans.

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I second susanc. Braised lamb shanks is a fall favorite for me. Very warm and comforting. I then add the leftover liquid to soup. Yum.

I have recently developed a recipe for an Italian soup with a base of chicken stock and pasta, greens, onion, zucchini, cannelini beans, sometimes tomatoes and my ground turkey meatballs made with basil, garlic and parmesan cheese. So cozy!

I also like chili with football games.

A childhood favorite (with football games and for holidays) is homemade clam dip with fritos.

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Homemade buttered popcorn or any kind of cheese.

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- Mom’s beef stew
– Dad’s cornbread

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OK, at this point I’m practically licking the screen.

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@cprevite…your pic is making ME hungry!!

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Cheese & crackers
Chips & salsa
Peanut butter on celery or carrot sticks
Cream cheese on celery sticks
Bagels & cream cheese

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