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i bet you do ;)
Im not really sure i understand the question. Trust life in what aspect? To do what?

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No, unstable dude this one.

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What have you heard?
Does it have street cred?
Is life cheating on me?

I’m only paranoid if it’s true…..

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No, I’m a Newsweek guy.
They still publish Life?

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Life is nothing more than a concept. Like time. Outside of our minds it has no meaning. Life is our cells deteriorating at a certain rate.

But I understand what your are getting at. And I have no faith in life. Pessimistic? Hardly. Life is what you make of it. Waiting for something good to come your way will get you know where. Step out and seize what it is you want. I do not believe in fate, but I believe in opportunity.

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yes, absolutely

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I like life. It’s something to do.

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I really enjoy spinning the big wheel and hoping for a 10

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I like it, but it isn’t something to trust- if you do, it will most likely be taken from you.

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Life has never made any promises to me or given me any particular information that could be proved or disproved. There’s not really anything to trust. It’s be like trusting that apple on the table in front of me or trusting the brown stain on the shoulder of my shirt. Trust it for what?

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I don’t like the way that brown stain’s been looking at me.

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I trust that it will continue to change.

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AstroChuck, it just doesn’t like the way you look down on it—that’s all.

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Yes. I find that what goes around comes around (I actually did an experiment when I was little) and from my observations you get out of life exactly what you put into it. I trust that if you pay attention, life is the best teacher there is.

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No. To trust life… Doesn’t make sense. It is not something to be trusted or mistrusted. It is a paradox that no one will ever be able to explain. It is random good and random bad. It is chaos. Can you like life without trusting it? Yes, definitely.

It’s not like you can jump off a hundred story building and trust life to keep you alive after you hit the ground. Nope. That would just be stupid.

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I trust God. Life and health is transient, quickly changed or lost all together. Only God is able to keep the promise, “Lo, I am with you always.”

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Lo is a lucky bastard.

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Hm… Sounds like some kind of pseudo-spiritual question to me. I can’t really answer it, as it’s very vague.

I live life.

I also play LIFE.

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And it’s not a bad cereal either.

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It seems we all, from time to time, eat, read, and play Life.
Trusting it is questionable, however.

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Anyone ever notice that life is an anagram for file? I don’t know what it means, but weird, right?

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Life is a sexually transmitted disease.

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Life is a terminal illness.

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I like life, I like to wave at it as it goes by…

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Life is a sexually transmitted degenerative disease.
Geez get the quote right guys :P

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100% ... If it’s not God-sent, it’s God-used.

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Life is like a box of Monty Pythons chocolates.

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mmmmm…crunchy frog.

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yes i try to.

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Duh! I’m so stupid. I just now noticed that it was Trustinglife that asked this question. Now I get it.

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astro look at the first response :P

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Eh. That would involve effort as I’m on an iPhone and my finger is just too tired to scroll that far.

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thats why i provided a link, i knew you would be too lazy :P

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Okay. I looked. Just wish there’d been a link to bring me back down.

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Life is what you make it. What you put into it is what you get back. Trust God first, then believe in and trust yourself. You can make a great life or a terrible one. It’s all up to you.

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@Trustinglife – Could you perhaps expand on your Q a bit?

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@AstroChuck: tapping on the bar at the top of your iPhone (the one that have your battery level and service provider and the time) will scroll you up to the top of a page instantly. Getting you back down, I’m afraid I can’t help you with.

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I know that. I’m just a big smart ass.

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Does the creator of this thread trust life?

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I strive to. (Hence the username. Good reminder for me.)

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@trusting life: Didn’t you have another username?

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Maybe I’m just confused..ignore me. ;-)

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Do I have a choice?

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