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Special teeth cleaning tools and rituals?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) October 28th, 2008

The previous question I posted sparked this question: Anyone use a non-traditional toothbrush like a Sonic-Care or one or those giant headed toothbrushes they sell? What is something you swear by for keeping your teeth clean? Do you use a special toothbrush or cleaning instrument that you are willing to share with the community?

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I have an Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush, it is fucking amazing.

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I lurve my Sonicare, but lurve my Listerine even more.

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I have to buy the “youth” or “child” sized toothbrushes because I have a small crowded mouth, so nothing special there. However, I own dental tools (picks/mirror) and clean my own teeth regularly.

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I have a sonic care and my dentist is a good friend. He highly recommends it.

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I use a tongue scraper. It’s like a little rake for your tongue that you use after brushing. With many people there’s a layer of white stuff on the tongue that’s actually bacteria. Improves oral hygeine and reduces bad breath. Just get one, lasts forever!

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teeth whiting strips rock

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I use the sonicare and my teeth have never been cleaner (the other electric tooth brushes don’t compare – I had one before). The sonicare is amazing! I also use crest pro-health mouthwash because listerine is too strong for me.

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YES! All of the above. I have a Sonicare, I’ve used them for years, because with a regular brush, according to 2 different dentists, I was brushing to hard (read: too anal), and my gums were wearing away. Now my checkups are great, no plaque, very fast cleaning, it’s been wonderful, and my teeth feel so clean after I use it. I have a newer model which brushes your teeth, and massages your gums, so you can clean your gums too. Listerine? You bet, rinse after brushing…and I use a tongue scraper too. I think someone told me I had bad breath once, and the comment stuck, and now I’m over the top with mouth toys. So, floss, scrape, brush, rinse…I’m done, takes about 3 minutes. Now I’ll go have a cup of coffee.

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I got a sample of teeth whitening strips – not really into that stuff but i tried it. To my dismay it didn’t work evenly (believe me – i applied it correctly and evenly – i’m anal). I had some weird white patches on my front teeth for couple of weeks :(

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