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What is your favorite whisky or whiskey?

Asked by glial (2996points) August 18th, 2007

Name your poison!

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Crown Royal

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The Glenlivet

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Jack Daniels......

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most of the time its Jack Daniels but if someone else is paying then its always Laphroaig

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Crown Royal Special Reserve

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Woodford Reserve

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This summer, I have been enjoying Elmer T. Lee and Buffalo Trace.

Both are bourbons. They're great.

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Makers Mark

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Elijah Craig.

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I'm a big fan of the single malt Laphroaig as well. And if you have something big to celebrate, like the winning of an iron stomach, try their "cask strength" variety - very smoky and delicious, both.

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I like a big peaty or seaweedy malt scotch such as Lagavulin, Laphroig, Talisker, Highland Park, or something really smoky like Port Ellen. Anything from Islay or the Islands or Campbelltown.

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Jack Daniels – no question.

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I like Jameson, Macallan, or Glenlivet
hm… might just have to pour one, its been a while…

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