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Why does my CSS look so messed up in IE6?

Asked by mirza (5042points) August 18th, 2007

it works perfectly in firefox, opera, netscape safari and even Internet explorer 7.

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IE 6 has a different box model than other A-Grade browsers. Hacks and use of different positioning can help you get around this.

Google CSS IE6 hacks.

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Because it's IE

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Hard to say without seeing it. But, you're taking the right approach by developing for standards-compliant browsers first, then tweaking for IE. My preferred way of applying IE-only styles is to use conditional comments and apply an IE-specific stylesheet to tweak the necessary styles.

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Mirza i was having the exact same problem a few weeks ago, and after searching TONS of shites, and posting here.. i think you're best bet is to go with seg's suggestion.. use conditional comments. the only thing you could try is one of the so-called "holy hacks" but depending on what you're doing.. those often don't work for IE7.. so you could still be SOL..

some of the fixes though depend on what you're doing.. some awesome sites that i've found have been:

first one is a forum, and your pages will have to be standards compliant for them to really help you.. but maybe you're already there.. :) and either way they have good info. the other two are big name css sites.. good luck! and IE blows!

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I second the 'IE blows'! Damn you Microsoft *shaking fist in the air*!

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