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Do you dream in black and white?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23976points) October 29th, 2008

I’ve heard, many places, that it’s typical to dream in black and white, which absolutely fascinates me. I have, not once in my life, ever dreamed in black and white. I wish I could do it once, just to see what it’s like.

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no clue, I dream every night, but I never remember my dreams.

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I dream in color.

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I dream in HD.

Seriously though. Technically, I suppose, I do both.
Though really, it’s more that I have dreams where colour
does not play a large part or register in my memory as much.
Whereas other times, colour plays a significant role.

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I dream specifically in these colors. I like to keep it simple. :o)

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Black & White dreams are like a color dream, but everything is in shades of gray just like on video. A person who only dreams in B&W pays no attention to enjoying the color of things during waking hours. A person who dreams in color has a good aesthetic sense & is an artist. You do not want to dream in B&W. It’s like nightime all the time. I dream in both B&W and color. I only dream in B&W when I’m dreaming of flying away from vampires at night.

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Bluefreedom, google the “Real Color Wheel”. All artists have been lied to all these years. Green is not the opposite of red anymore.

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I dream in brilliant, vibrant color, but I usually have lucid dreams. I’d be interested to find out if it’s possible to have b&w lucid dreams.

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I’ve no idea what I’m dreaming, how I dream (is it like watching TV? Do I take part in it?), nor which colour. I’d love to be a lucid dreamer ;-)

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@psyla. Okay, I stand corrected. I really dream in these colors right there. :o)

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I dream in technicolor, and can remember every detail. Sometimes I know I’m dreaming, and sometimes not. Sometimes my dreams are like watching a very intense movie. Sometimes I dream of something and then it actually happens later. These dreams are different than the others – the details seem to jump out at me, so when it happens in real life, I start getting that wierd feeling as soon as I start recognizing those details.

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A study was done and found that people switched from black and white dreams to color dreams when t.v. became widely distributed and available in color. I think this was published recently in Newsweek.

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I dream in color but maybe i have dreamed in black and white for some reason i always forget my dreams by morning.Wait mabe i should ask that.

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Hmm, I was about to say exactly what Skaggfacemutt said, what a coinkydink!

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I dream in both.

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I at least want to see what it’s like. I always dream in color. Just once – to dream in black and white would be very surreal for me.

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i heard that everyone dreams in black and white. But i have had dreams with color…

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I dream in color, often times in “acid vision” and everything is brighter and more vibrate than normal everyday life.

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color. i remember vivid colors…

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