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Where in San Francisco can I find those little black hipster earrings?

Asked by jballou (2113points) October 29th, 2008 from iPhone

You know those little balck studs? I don’t know where to look. Haight street was a bust! P.S. The earrings are for a guy, not a girl.

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I don’t know what you’re talking about, but Hot Topic is usually pretty good for hipster type stuff nowadays… do you have one around?

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Valencia St. [Mission area] has some cool boutiques/clothing stores. It’s worth a try.

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@poofandmook – I’m way too old for Hot Topic, and that’s more suburban teenage goth then San Francisco hipster


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You said “Hipster”!

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Spencers, Hot Topic, etc.
Not too terribly hard to find really.

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@jballou: NO. Nobody is too old for Hot Topic! Their image isn’t what their inventory has become :)

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Thanks for trying to help guys, but neither Spencer’s or Hot Topic are even in San Francisco…

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For guys?...take a stroll down Castro!

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Are you talking about earrings, or plugs? There is a place in Haight Ashbury that has a real nice selection of plugs, and tribal bones. Can’t remember it’s name though.

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Hot Topic
3251 20th Ave # 214
San Francisco, CA 94132
(415) 564–0190

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