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Are male police dogs usually neutered?

Asked by Spargett (5382points) October 29th, 2008

I saw a male German Shepherd police dog “intact”. Is there any reason to neuter or not neuter a male (or female) K9 in relation to police work?

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They (males) tend to be more aggressive when intact.

(I have additional theories, but they’re based on opinion only and likely to cause dissent.)

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Females for sure. Female dogs actually cycle and bleed if they aren’t spayed. Ick. Who wants to clean that up in the back of the K9 unit?

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This summer I stopped at a fruit stand in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina. The guy at the fruit stand had a German Shepherd who he kept at his house, but who also was used by the police department. The dog was intact, because the guy was going to use him for breeding. (Makes sense, German Shepherds are expensive if bought from a breeder.)

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i’m sure the aggressive aspect is the reason. Wonder if they let the dogs hump the criminals in the back seat?? lol I couldn’t wait to get my male neutered…he humped everything and everyone in sight. If you’re not breeding; neuter/spay is best…too many unwanted pups about.

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DD: Maybe as a subtle reminder of the reception they might get in jail?

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@nimis; yep, the old don’t drop the soap rule! lol

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I agree with Syz, and I think her additional theories are also correct. (In my opinion, also)

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I think they’re intact, don’t they breed dogs for this use? it’d be like a race horse, when you have a good police dog have it stud before its retired.

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My father would house police dogs that retired or were fired or ones that need to be re-evaluated. All male police dogs had their breeding tools intact. If I may add though I do not think that they need to be there. Those dogs are highly, highly trained and SUPER smart.

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