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What is the best way to clean a blown glass pipe?

Asked by acebamboo77 (717points) October 29th, 2008

I have a glass pipe, and love it. It doesn’t get as hot as a metal pipe when I blaze and its gorgeous.
Anyways, the first time I cleaned it I boiled it, which worked well enough, but it took a while and still wasn’t 100% clean.
I was just wondering if anyone had any tips.

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My, um, friend says a soak in rubbing alcohol and a pipe cleaner gets them squeaky.

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Jesse, what is efferdent?

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Denture cleaner, like Alka Seltzer for your false teeth to soak in. Get it at Walgreens.

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420 cleaner from most headshops works wonders in 60 seconds and no scrubbing

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or perhapse old kraft dinner?

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I second the efferdent, I heard it works wonders. I still need to try it though.

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i soak it in everclear, it works wonders and is cheap as hell. Then i just get a pipe cleaner or something to that affect and clean up the rest.(which really isnt much and not even necessary imo)

BTW stone pipes are really nice because they dont ever really need to be cleaned, and they dont get hot like metal does either. They also add a nice taste to the smoke while at the same time absorbing some of the heat.

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@uber: sounds awesome, any good website recommendations for buying stone pipes?

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420 Cleaner is really good, There is also a cleaner called Bling that works awesome.

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@generalspecific i dont know, ive never bought one in a store, the only one i have was given to me by a fellow fluther member. (thanks again) but grasscity has some nice stuff, so id look there. Or just go to your local head shop :P

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I put mine in the a plastic bowl with rubbing alcohol then I stick it in the microwave for a bit. Let it cool down then if there is any shit left it easily rinses out in the sink. If you throw it straight from the microwave to the sink and use cold water it could crack. This will stink up your kitchen for a bit though. Just soaking it in a bowl or sandwhich bag with alcohol will work too but it will need to sit a while like overnight or longer before you can get all the gunk out easily.

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I use to use street sweeper bristles to scrape mine. Best thing ever.

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wow, you guys are really into house decor

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