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Why do kids eat boogers?

Asked by Knotmyday (7488points) October 29th, 2008

Nutritional deficiency? Just for fun? Just for the <gag> taste?

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easy disposal.

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Because they’re there.

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Their afraid of goiters and realize that boogers have mad salt content.

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I mentioned this great question to my roommate, and he pointed me to this hilarious video of now-chancellor of the UK, Gordon Brown.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you were once a kid who ate boogers, be careful what you do when the camera’s on you…

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I have no idea…but it is disgusting! We have a video of one of my son’s birthday parties…you pan the room and I swear, there is no less than 4 kids picking their nose. GROSS!!

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I’ve seen _adult_males do it in their cars too. I think for some ppl, it’s just a habit. But, guys, please—ppl CAN see you and it’s not pretty.

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@deaddolly…don’t you know the trick? When people pick their boogers, there is an invisible shield so no one can see what they are doing! ;~)

at least that is what the booger pickers are thinking!

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@cak I know…it’s so funny to see ppl that catch you watching them. Same thing for when they sing in the car (I’m guilty of that). I get so embarassed when someone catches me belting out my fave song. lol

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because they’re kids

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Mom can’t interrogate you unless she has that valuable evidence….It’s usually a quick transition from nose to mouth, but occasionally you’ll see them bask in the glory of some high quality nose gold.

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