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I still can't get ABC's new video player to install. Anyone else? Have you found other ways to watch ABC shows online?

Asked by zina (1661points) October 29th, 2008

Some popular ones, like Grey’s Anatomy, are uploaded on,, etc. But Private Practice? I can’t find it anywhere. Most links I’ve found send you to ABC’s player! And no one uploads whole episodes to YouTube, I’m guessing because it’s so easy to watch online.


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Windows, Mac, or Linux? And what browser are you using?

edit: I just tried and it worked fine on a Mac with Firefox. It did say that it was installing something but I’m not really sure what it was installing. (and that bothers me)

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I had no problem on a pc with firefox3

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Here’s my original question on that:

At this point I’ve given up on it. I have to say, I really don’t understand it – I have a completely typical MacBook + Firefox setup. I’ve done it several times, nothing ever happens, I googled and fluthered and so on, I sent a message to the tech help center weeks ago, and found most shows elsewhere. But then you have these shows that AREN’T uploaded elsewhere. Hence my current question. If we can solve the installing thing, awesome, and if not, I’d love to find the shows somewhere else – let’s use private practice as the example.

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Did you try sidereel or surfthechannel ? one of them will have private practice for sure.

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The ABC player stinks. But how else am I supposed to legally watch Pushing Daisies!

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Yay – it wasn’t on sidereel before, but now it is!

And I’m glad to hear someone else has problems w/ABC player.

And no, I’ve tried that link before (and did again now) and that’s what doesn’t work. It says it’s installing, but never goes to playback, and then when I go back again to watch a video it returns to the same thing. Thanks, though!

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I’ve also tried numerous times to download the ABC player on my MacBook Pro and failed every time. I’d rather use the ABC player and can’t understand what it is about my computer that won’t allow me to install it. I’ve got 2 other Macs in my house and they both have successfully downloaded the player. Help!

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