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Is my husband unhealthy in his lifestyle?

Asked by suse (278points) October 29th, 2008

My husband is 48 years old. Great guy but I am very worried – he eats mainly fried and convenience food, very little unrefined food. He smokes quite heavily, does no exercise at all, not even moderate walking, and drinks 2–8 alcoholic drinks at least four times a week. He is only slightly overweight. Also refuses to recognise that his diet and lifestyle will harm him. His excess weight is only on his stomach which I have heard is also unhealthy. He does not believe that he would feel better if he changed his habits, but he has always eaten/drunk like this and smoked, – feel sure that it is doing him harm.

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Yeah, I would say that is unhealthy. I would convince him to get a physical. This sounds like my dad that drives me crazy. I am trying to convince him to get a colonoscopy because he Is 58 and has never had one.

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All signs would point to “awesome candidate for heart attack” but you can never tell. I have had one great grandfather live to be 103 years old. While he ate fat, bacon and eggs, homemade stew full of grease, whole milk, ice cream and smoked at least one full cigar a day he never really dipped over weight, did not walk and loved his life style. I also had another grandfather live to be 100. He smoked, worked at a paint factory where they made lead based paint, ate food all the time and drank like a fish. Go figure, finally died of bladder cancer when he was 100. You never can tell, you never can tell.

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When was the last time he had a complete physical?

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three years ago, i wasnt with him but he was told to lose a bit of weight and quit smoking. He brushed that off .
No point in me trying to change his eating habits, I have tried but it doesnt work and you cant police an adult :(

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Did you really not know if living like that is unhealthy?

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Of course I know really. he just makes me feel like I am kind of making too big a thing about it. just wanted people to confirm then I can show him the answers :)

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His habits are unhealthy, but so are mine. He may be of the mindset that it’s better to live the way you want to while you’re here than live in a way you don’t want to for a little longer. Life is short, and we will all die of something. Is he happy? Can he do all the things he needs to and wants to? If so, I wouldn’t be so worried about it.

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Uh yeah. REALLY unhealthy. Reminds me of my dad. My brother and I are both devastated by the way our dad eats. He literally does not eat vegetables. Not a one.

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I don’t drink more than two cocktails per week. I don’t smoke. I eat healthy… but until recently didn’t exercise and ate candy whenever I wanted to. I carry maybe ten extra pounds I’d like to drop.

On my recent yearly physical, my doctor found I had unhealthily high triglycerides. This condition puts me at risk for heart attack or stroke.

I’ve started limiting my caloric intake, exercising three days a week (to start), cut out all candy, and am taking fish oil supplements, a natural product that reduces triglycerides.

Urge him to see his doctor yearly. Go with him. And tell him you don’t want to lose him.

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My advice? Challenge him. Tell him you’ll get off his back if he takes 3 months and adopts a healthier life style. If it fails you promise to get off his back. If he is successful, well, you can think of a reward for that ;>~ Target the fried food and adding some exercise the first month. Walk with him. Help him make better food choices by cooking health meals.

Target cutting down on smokes the second month while keeping up the better eating and exercise. Try to add more fruit/veggies to his diet.

The third month is just a continuation of the other two. At the end, if he follows through, he will most definitely feel better. I wuld caution about trying to get him to cut down on drinking in these three months. You take away all of the good stimulus and he will freak and not succeed.

Good luck.

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Being overweight itself is not necessarily unhealthy, but combining his diet and his smoking habit…he’s a walking time bomb. If it were my husband, I’d work on the exercise – together and little by little introduce healthy foods. Pack his lunch. Lastly, get him to kick the habit. He’ll feel better.

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Good idea from Sueanne. One step at at time, and you do most of his work for him
since you’re motivated and he’s not. As he starts having better health, his mind will
clear. Really, it’s stuffed full of junk that keeps it from working right.

And yes, tell him you don’t want to lose him. Good idea. (I imagine you already have.)

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You know, really I dont think he will change. This is a second marriage for both of us (been together only four years) so it is a lifetime of bad habits here. I have grown vegetables this year (he did deep fry the zuchini and used the tomatos in his burgers lol), I make a salad and he drenches it in mayo and bacon bits, after a healthy meal made by me, he snacks on rubbish. And one of the things he likes about me is the fact that I am not a nagger (but sometimes I feel like I am becoming one) He is of the ‘Enjoy your life genre, eat what you want etc because you might die tomorrow. I say good eating habits and exercise make you feel better and healthier and able to enjoy your life more. He says he feels fine anyway and doesnt need to feel better. Otherwise everything is great, we are just polar opposites regarding this subject.

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