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Do you ever think that the other users on fluther are just the other people in the mental institution?

Asked by bodyhead (5525points) October 30th, 2008

I do. Sometimes I imagine that the other flutherites are really people I know who have made up these online personas.

When they go out of eyeshot, they jump on a computer and respond to me all crazy.

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I could be in a mental institution, but drugs do marvelous things these days. I can pass for normal enough to be on the street!

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See daloon, I imagine I know you as a different person and you just have this wacky online persona.

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Sometimes I think they’re the other people who ESCAPED from the mental institution. :)

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I wouldn’t be surprised. you can be whatever you want to be online. I’m sure some ppl get their ya-ya’s out of being idiots on sites like this. In reality, they’re probably afraid of their own shadows…

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@bodyhead, well, to some extent I tone myself down in public, but when I’m with my support group (we all share the same mental illness), I’m pretty much like this.

Sometimes I entertain with tails of online highjinks.

But I think I am more who I really am here, and I severely edit my self for public consumption.

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I was in one, and those places were not pretty.

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We’re pretty much all in the asylum.

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literaly…i was.

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I got released 16 months ago, I’m doing pretty fine :s

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I’m not crazy….the voices in my head can prove it!

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Are you the one who stole my lime jello?

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No, I thought they were just the other people in my head. All those damned voices. Now, where is Jules with my meds?

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pulp fiction?

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I’m actually a dog.

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i’m a witch

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I’m a… know already, you guys know me.

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I thought you knew that you are the only real person here and everyone else is the fluther staff messing with your head.

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If that’s the case, I’m not clicking the ads enough.

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@bodyhead – :-)

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Who keeps moving my damn chair?

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