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Best vacuum cleaner for dog hair?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) October 30th, 2008

I own about 5 vacuum cleaners and seem to break them all. I’ve got an Oreck, a Dyson, A Wind Tunnel/Hoover, and a few others. Have them with bags and without. I need one that picks up ‘clumps’...the white clumps that are the filling inside dog toys. I’ve got 5 dogs and they like to kill their toys. At times, my living room looks like it snowed. I need an industrial type cleaner that is easy to unclog. Any ideas?

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Which Dyson models have you tried?

I had always heard from friends that they were the absolute best.

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Dyson Animal.

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I’ve got 4 dogs, so I know where you’re coming from. I use a Hoover Widepath Tempo. I saw it in Consumer Reports as being one of the best (I think it was #3 overall). It only cost me $70 from Best Buy and boy does it suck! (oh wait – sucking in a good vacuum-kinda way) Its really loud but its the best vacuum I’ve used – especially for $70.

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I would get a shop vac and start there, then go back with the Dyson.
You’ll ruin any household vacuum if you try to pick up toy stuffing. That’s the kind of big job a shop vac is for.

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Bissell 3910. The best!

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I do have a Dyson Animal—it lasted about a month…it’s not as good as they report.
I never used a shop vac…I’ll borrow one and try it out.
The Oreck was the best as far as ‘sucking’ but it’s get’s clogged very easily. And it’s my fave cause it’s so light…

I’ll check out the other Hoover…
I’m so tired of vacuum cleaners breaking or getting clogged – every time i get it cleaned up, there’s another tug of war with casualties.
Thanks for the answers!

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The shop vac won’t get the detail as good, but it will get the bulk up and let you use your good vacuum for the detail without killing it. It’s noisy though!

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@Judi They sell “mufflers” as an attachment to the ShopVac at all the big box stores (we got ours at HomeDepot). It doesn’t eliminate the noise, but it decreases the volume a bunch. Not expensive either….just snap it on the exhaust hole…

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Also….you might want to try a “mini” shop vac. I have one for the car…Around $20 from Sears.

Use it to suck up the toy stuffing and then vac w/ a regular vac.

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I also found that my dog was ripping all his toys to shreds causing a mess (and ingesting a lot of the stuffing too) so eventually, I stoppped buying the stuffed variety and stuck with the plastic kind.

At pet stores in my area they carry all kinds of soft, plush rubber and plastic toys that he really loves. My favorite is the “Bobo”, which my dog had in the fabric variety (twice) and ruined. Here is a link to it:

You should give it a try!

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We’ve got all kids. My golden loves the stuffed ones and carries them around everywhere. It’s the devil dog (Oliver, year old Westie) that’s got everyone in a tug of war and will not rest until he has all the stuffing out of a toy. They don’t like the hard rubber ones.
All my dogs have…‘issues’...Betty, the Beagle puppy mill survivor dog carries the little stuffed toys around with her like her babies. Oliver likes to get them away and kill them to show her how cruel the world still is and how lucky she is to be with him. Molly, the shepard, wants anything that Oliver has and will multilate it to get it away from him, hence the many arms and legs lying around the house. Zoe, my cairn terrier, thinks toys are stupid and watches them all with disgust.
I can’t even toss out the dead bodies. I threw out the green fuzzy bear and then heard a loud thump; Oliver had tipped over the trash to get it and then looked at me as if to say, “WTF?”

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So funny!

I love stories about pets and their distinct personalities. Especially when there are multiples in a home together.

Good story!

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Really? Your dyson animal doesn’t work on that? I have a dyson animal for my shag carpet that literally destroyed my last vacuum. The dyson handles it with no problem at all.

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@andrew Sadly, know. I don’t have high pile carpets either and it really worked sucky. The first few times it was awesome, but after that nothing….and I cleaned and cleaned it out. I was really upset becasue it was expensive!

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Talina Norris at Helium covers pretty much all the tips available for hair disposal. Saves you from digging through WikiHow and visiting the pet store.

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Thanks, Knot! I have really, really bad knees so even bending down is excruciating most of the time and the floor is where everything is. I learned long ago what type of furniture works best for hair. Now, if they could make things spittle resistant!

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Dyson animal——it is amazing. It’s the purple Dyson.

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I have a boxer, so its short haired and the dyson works well for that. He, too, kills stuffed animals and there is white stuff all over my house, but I am blessed with good knees so I just pick that stuff up.

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@Noah 70 dollars for a vac?? I paid 400.00 for the Dyson. Darn it.

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We have a long-haired dog who sheds – the Dyson Animal has been perfect for over a year now.

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The best vacuum ever, bar none, is the Miele. It is kind of pricey, but you will find it is worth every cent. I consider this one of the best purchases I have ever made.

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I LOVE and am forever greatful for my Dyson Animal. (I have six fuzzy pets.)

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i find it best to sweep/collect the majority of dog hair with a rubber broom, and then good old henry hoovers up very nicely :)

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Dyson for animal hair. Was it the purple one. I really works well. I do use the “wand” with out the attachment if I have to get stuffed animal inerds.

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