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What's the dumbest question you've ever been asked?

Asked by gooch (5734points) August 18th, 2007

For me it was a phone call at a job" Are y'all still located where y'all at?"

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we were at popeyes and we ordered and then after about a 5 minute a stall a strange voice said "ummm.. Uhh so.. Yall wanted who now?" lol

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The dumbest questions I've ever been asked and continue to be asked are by my mother, and they always begin with, "Why do you think they did that?" It could be anywhere from, "Why do you think they painted their front door black" to "Why do you think they planted azaleas instead of roses."

Bless her heart, she feels people should think the way she does and make decisions the way she does. I've finally told her that I will not be able to answer, to her satisfaction, any questions that begin with "Why do you think they......"

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when telemarketers phone, mispronounce my name and say, "How ya doing today?" I answer, politely, "I never discuss my health w. strangers." During the ensuing silence I ask to be put on the "do-not-call" list.

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"are you smart?" at the academic decathlon challenge

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When discussing web design with prospective clients this question has come up often,

"Do I need to buy another computer?"

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What are baked beans made of?

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We were at a fast food place and we asked " Can we have a cheeseburger please?" and the guy on the speaker asked "Would you cheese with that?".

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As a tech support rep for your local cable company (here’s a secret where all one big company) i think my best was how did your pc read your email to you. intrigued by the question i asked was his pc set up to electronically voice his email he said no he just figures since its was on a fancy pc it should do it for him automatically….laughed till I cried,laughed till I cried.

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“Are you a transvestite?”
Hands down. Funniest question I have ever been asked…

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i worked at the computer help desk in college, at brown university, and someone called up and asked “what’s brown’s website?”


“oh! thanks!”

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Weird, the Brown University site was mentioned at Web Design World 2007 in Seattle this year.

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that is weird! though i think it’s one of the better designed academic pages, personally. very clean, very navigable. when i was a freshman, it was pretty but totally unusable. they had a million links, but there was also an alphabetical listing of every department, student group, online resource, etc., and so everyone just used the a-z index.

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When I used to work for Greyhound people used to ask does this bus go downtown. Just about every stop is a downtown somewhere.

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