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How do i restrict inappropriate material from reaching my teenagers? i use a router for their computers. help please.

Asked by navy_lee_2000 (1points) October 30th, 2008


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Ok, first let’s relax with those caps.
Second, any number of programs can assist you with this such as CYBERsitter orNetNanny I’ve never used these myself as I have had no need to but a quick google search for that type of product is all you need to get you going the right way.

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Download K9 Web Protection filter, it’s very good and it’s free.

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I can hear them…....the teenage world preparing for war…...the end will come with the rise of the restriction machines.

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The best deterrent of all is to be in the room while your child is on the computer.

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The question you should be asking is, “How do I restrict my teenagers from reaching for inappropriate material?”

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I would highly recommend that you use a type of software like asmonet recommended, and NOT keystroke recorders or activity monitors. This will just wreck your relationship with your teenagers.

Even better than the software would be an honest discussion about pornography, groups that it exploits, damage it can do.

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I should have noted though that while these programs are good, all of them can be disabled by a savvy teenager. I knew how to get around them when I was 13 or so, but I was a giant computer geek. Most kids don’t know how. So, keep in mind that while it’s a good tool, and will limit them considerably, you should alos keep the computer in a family room, like the den or somewhere in plain sight, never let them on when you’re not around and check their histories and search terms.

Also, make it a point to stop by every now and then, basically be incredibly annoying without mentioning the computer, bring them a coke or a snack while they’re on and they’ll get the message that you could show up anytime.

At night, log off and password protect and change the password often.

Voila. Totally sheltered child.

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The more you tell them not to look at particular sites/topics, the more they will want to. It’s better to teach them what’s cool and what’s not cool (predators, porn, etc).
I was really active in school dances when my daughter was in middle school…this one parent used to get on my case about my allowing certain types of music to be played at the dances. He actually went on stage one time and turned off the DJ’s equipment because of the Tootsie Roll song. This guy has 8 kids…his son, who is the one at the dance’s, was the wildest most ignorant kid in the entire school. He’s the one who did whatever he could when his parents weren’t around, drugs, alcohol etc. Everyone knew but his parents. His parents has computer blocking devices on the computers and on the TV’s. They had good Catholic kids!
Moral: Talk to your teen and help them understand about the big, bad nasty world out there. If you instill values in them early on and live by those values yourself, you won’t need any monitoring systems.
Good luck! Teenagers are a definate challenge!

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I’d also like to point out that the description of this question is, “RESTRICT INAPPROPRIATE PROGRAMS.”

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You can use OpenDNS to restrict access to pornography.

It’s free…

First click on the get started link to configure your router to use their DNS servers and then create yourself a free account so that you can restrict content.

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You should probably just stop being so overprotective. I don’t know what you’re trying to keep them away from, but they’re teenagers and we have our ways so they’ll probably get to it anyway.
& I don’t know the age of your children but if they’re teenagers they should probably be getting a little more freedom and privacy, right?
But what do I know.. I’m only seventeen and have a wonderful relationship with both of my parents.

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I think you’re right generalspecific – have a great relationship with your kids and you don’t have anything to worry about. They could always go to their friends house and see things that you are restricting them from – that forbidden fruit. You always want what you can’t have and curiosity killed the cat type thing. I am trying with my two teens – 16 and almost 19, and so far, so good. I always was around when they were on the computer seeing what they were up to when they were younger – as my computer was in my office for work, and so was their computer. They never had one in their rooms.

So, I think you just need to be watchful and trusting and open. I never knew I could say or do half the things I have as a mother and I’m pretty proud of the two I have.

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First start by turning off the caps lock key. A lot of routers, eg my netgear one, have built in features for blocking sites based on keywords, you can even have it send you emails when these sites are attempted to be accessed. It may be a good idea to block the word “proxy” as well.

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aanyszek1!! don’t give away teenager porn secrets!!

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As a teen myself, I am blessed with the gift of tech-tarded parents. They know nothing about web filtering. I set up our whole wireless network.

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I always believed in giving my kids freedom, but sharing wisdom along the way. You can’t protect them from the big, bad world, but you can talk to them and help them learn how to deal with it.
Restricting things will just make them more curious. They have access at friend’s home etc. You may want to keep them from certain things, but not all parents share your views. The trick is to talk to your kids and make them aware of dangers on the web and w/e. you need to prepare them for the real world…keeping them away from them does not teach them how to cope. They’ll always have challenges with regard to values and morals. It’s important for them to understand and to learn from YOU. And, of course, be careful to not fall into the ‘do as I say and not as I do’ trap.
I was really open with my daughter. She’s very straght edge now with regard to drugs/alcohol/smoking. I never was; I was a wild child. But there is not one subject that her and I an not able to discuss. Whether it be oral sex or smoking pot. I am always honest with her. Kids are doing things much, much earlier now.
They need to be prepared. Unfortunately you can’t protect them 24/7, as much as you’d like to.

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