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Yay Hooray Invite?

Asked by parsnipleeq (6points) October 30th, 2008

Does anyone have an invite they’d like to help me out with?
I’m a designer/architect/bicyclist and have been trolling the site for ages…I just want to respond!!

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Go grab one from Inviteshare!

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Thanks, I’ve signed up for that, but I dont think I’ll be getting an invite any time soon as the list is rather long.

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I have five invites that are up for grabs. Send a comment to me with your email address and I will send you one.

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I got one to spare, pm me your email.
You’ll never get one from inviteshare.

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I have five. Send me a Fluther comment.

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anyone else with invites lying around?

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If anyone’s got a YH invite, I’d reeeeeally love one.

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I still have a few. Send me a private comment with your email address and I’ll invite you.

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i wouldnt mind one either! I’ll give you a cookie!

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No more invites now. Good luck.

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What’s Yay Hooray?

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crazy indeed.

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are there still invites floating around? would love one…

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I don’t have anymore invites. If you read this, please stop PMing me. I get a PM every other day about Yay Hooray invites. I don’t have any. Thanks.

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